7 style ideas to decorate home with wine shades

The smooth taste and mild bitterness characterize Grolsch beer. Similarly, one characteristic about wine that never fails to entice is the elegant and alluring color that is unique to it. The soft tones of red that blend with a touch of ravishing brown that softens the bold color gives it a unique shade. Wine color has been the recent choice for decorations and color theme for clothes during events because of a classy cover it gives with a mythical rustic touch. The shade paves a way to bring vintage tones to the theme with elegance.  
Wine or plum color can be deep cranberry, berry, plum spice, burgundy, eggplant, or even aubergine. The best part about introducing the color to decorate your homes is the ample choices of looks that you can bring by combining it with different variants of colors. Soft shades like taupe or grey color will give a mythical and subtle look, whereas bold shades of red will bring a vibrant setup. Add some turquoise and lime and you have a bright and colorful look right there. So based on how you want the various rooms in your house to look you can choose a wine theme. Set it up with some extravagant colors for a warm and cozy home.
The wine color is so versatile that it is close to impossible to go wrong while you add the color to your home. It can neutralize a bold shade on your wall or bring out the depth and beauty of dull tones. Here are 7 different ideas you can use to introduce wine shade to decorate your home.

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1.How to Wine a small living room: The trend of flat colors on walls are long gone, today textures, patterns, and a mixture of solid colors for the walls of the living room are popular. It eliminates the need to theme the most gorgeous part of your home with boring colors. If you still like your living room to oozy classy than colorful then you can play wisely with wine colors to bring this look. Wine shades pair well with grey, taupe, fawn, and white and these combinations can enhance the look of your living space. Instead of picking wine shades directly for your walls use decoration accessories such as throw pillows, vase, rugs, flowers etc that bring in the shade to the room. This will enhance the neutral colors of the walls and give a classy touch to it.
The advantage of accessorizing with a color theme is that you can switch them with a different tone when you need and give a completely new look to the room. This would be a soft impact style of adding wine hues to your living room. You can also invert the colors by adding mild colors of white or fawn to your décor and splashing the walls with wine. This will bring vintage elegance especially by adding redwood furniture. Marbles or stone floors rugged in wine is yet another enchanting look you could go for.

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2.Wine shade for large living rooms:  Another way of bringing wine shade to your living room décor is using it for one main wall. It could preferably be the wall that holds your TV or the fireplace. Antique wall décor will add emphasis to the wall color. If a bold and vibrant plush of colors appeals to you then bring flashy colors to the room. Add turquoise to your sofa, and a trace of ice blue and rose for your pillows. You can drape with soft lime, cream or fawn to add some drama. The beauty of this look will be as pretty as an illuminated vineyard in sunlight.


Instead of solid colors, experiment with patterns that embrace wine shade for the perfect look. The important thing to remember while trying patterns on walls is using complimenting home accessories. Try similar patterns or complementary patterns for your rugs, sofa, stools, vase etc, or go for classic solid colored accessories that also work great. You can also use a stone wall between brightly lit wine-colored walls to ground the intense look.
3.Blending the warm tones in your bathroom: Wine shades have a very vibrant impact and hence there is never a need to add too much of the color in the decoration for it to stand out. Using berry tones with wine to theme your bathrooms would be an amazing idea. The entire setup will hold a warm and relaxing look. Using white in combination with the bold berry tones and wine could be a great way of accessorizing your bathroom. Subtle shades of white, off-white or cream for the tiles and wine for the walls will prepare the calm base. The cozy look comes from the berry shades that dive deep in the towels, bath mat, shower curtains, and other accessories. Again, harnessing the beauty of stones to combine with your wine walls can also be a great way of decorating using this color.
Blending the warm tones in your bathroom

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Textures could be a way of elaborating the dramatic tones of wine in your bathroom. Textured tiles in soft cream color with wine-colored accessories go extremely well and can add a comfortable look to the bathroom. Another idea is to use a natural, pickled oak or cherry wood to accent the walls and bath ware and wine shades for the wall.
4.Wisely chosen wine for your bedrooms: A dauntless splash of wine to the walls combined with shades of teal for the bed sheet and pillows will be a sophisticated look for your bedroom. A majestic rug that drops more berry tones to the room, pastel green and yellow hue for the drape and a mixture of aqua, citron and wine cushions for the sofa will be nothing less than fabulous. Bringing out so many colors that are both flashy as well as grounding will be stirring and passionate.
Wisely chosen wine for your bedrooms


Wine can add a plain yet classy look to the decor of your bedroom. Use tones of grey or white for 3 adjacent walls with the main wall dripping in pinot noir. A rug in wine and the drapes in smokey grey. Layer your bed covers with wine and grey and add just a small pop of color to your bedside table with a mustard vase or lamp. A metallic silver for the lighting and mirror frame will also enhance the beauty of this color.
5.The exotic shades of wine that charm your neutral space and stairwells: Layering with shades of wine and solid colors could be a great way to decorate any neutral space in the house. You can use red, pink, berry and brown along with wine in the accessories, shelves, flowers and other decorations to bring unbelievable depth to the room. The look will be enchanting and capturing. You can also go for a classic charm by giving deep shades of blue for the wall and introducing a flashy wine rug that pops. Use some orange or pink colored flowers, cushions, and vases in this setup. Use the deep blue for the sofa and neutralize with black and white for tables.
The exotic shades of wine that charm your neutral space and stairwells

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Stairwells are dramatic naturally and hence some dashing colors to decorate the walls could make it more fun. You can use wine for the wall and use lime, fawn, teal, aqua, lavender, pink etc to decorate the wall through photo frames, flowers, lights, artwork etc. A more sophisticated look would be to decorate the wine walls with white that will add a warm and grounding effect to the stairs.

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6.Wicked wine for your kitchen and dining room: A classic wooden cabinet kitchen wrapped in wine-colored walls and simple lighting could be a lovely look you can try. You can also go for light colored walls and bring wine through burgundy enamel for the cabinets. Include tones of berry and maroon through linens, and use textures. This could particularly turn out ravishing in case of marble or stone counters.
Wicked wine for your kitchen and dining room

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Give a contemporary look for your dining space by concentrating the wine shade to the chairs. A glass table with a pop of mustard for the decorations will bring out the wine shades of your chairs well. Use mild textured or small patterns for the walls in neutral colors to add emphasis to your wine color. A majestic lighting that adds to this simplistic design will ensure to give it a gorgeous finish.
7.Whimsical wine for hallways: Wine shades for hallways or connecting passages at home will craft the space well. Using purple for the accessories such as a rack or table with the walls flooding with pinot noir will be a complimentary look. To bring out the beauty of the color include soft shades of blue and yellow-gold through flowers in this area. Such ideas if implemented for a corner of your living room or a balcony will make a lovely reading cocoon. A lovely balcony swing that seeds the wooden touch to the room followed by bold wine-colored rugs, flower pots, cushions etc, could give a sultry touch. Add bright red color to the equation through layers for the shelf to complete the décor. You can also enjoy a lovely glass of remy 1738 seated in this tranquil space.
How to include Wine in lighting: Instead of bringing the color through the walls you can add it through lighting as well. A gorgeous center light covered with a hue of wine will add a dashing look to the room. Use these accessories near the stair walls, kitchen [ over the parlor] or even in your bedroom. Glass pendants that deliver the wine shade can add a mystical touch to the overall tone of the room. Such decorations will fit great in homes with dramatically huge windows or French windows that brings an abundance of light. This way the light adds grace and beauty.
Wine color can bring out extravagant drama and fun pop of colors to the room at the same time. Interior décor plays a vital role in determining the quality and value of a home. It directly reflects your inner style with ease.  The best way to look for gorgeous houses with rich interior décor would be through competent real estate agents Miami Fl.