Why Earphone Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Earphones and headphones are very essential entertainment equipment of modern era. If you are living you are listening to music. The sounds of music is floating in the air and causing resonance with the latent emotion of our hearts. Not to sound too mushy, still it is a fact that our lives are entangled with music. For music lovers and sound workers, earphones and headphones are vital components to their everyday needs. Whether you are listing to the Caribbean Blues or a Mozart Orchestra session or even a recorded rock concert, for personal indulgence an earphone is a must. As we speak about earphones and headphones, for every occasion there is a special pair.
We use earphones and headphones like finger snaps nowadays, but do you want to know the history of this popularity? Sure you do.

Let’s do a tour around the timeframe to dig up the popularity treasure of this admiration.

The earliest form of the invention that parallels with the working ethic of earphones and headphones dates back to the 1890s. Back then it was just a one ear heavy earpiece. With the progress of science, the form transformed quite efficiently. It was during the two great World Wars that the earphones and headphone first got their breakthrough popularity. The headphones were designed in their prototype form of today’s models. The pilots and drivers used these for communication purposes. The earphones were not very popular during those days. The only thing they were used for was tapping lines secretly and sending coded messages during spy operations. After the massacres of the war, the peace gave birth to the modern day popularity of earphones and headphones.
The earphones and headphones became a fad among the common people after the war. With the rise of entertainment industry during the 1950s saw a catapulted rise of headphones. The first basic model was that of a stethoscope attached to either a recorder or a record player. The sound studies began to use headphone to activate the noise cancellation theory and better the quality of the recording tunes. The popularity of earphones and headphones raged like a forest fire during the 1980s. With the birth of all-new pop cultures, rock music and other musical streams, the need of personal sound experience invigorated and so did the sales of earphones. The invention of portable music players and Walkman during the 1990s made earphones an essential item to carry with.
The advent of smart digitization and restriction free internet access was the final boost to this popularity. Nowadays every smartphones, iPad, iPod, other personal gadgets have earphones and headphones connectivity sockets. The wireless form of the earphones has made portable use very smooth and proficient. The stylish design and smart integration is the trendsetting aspect of earphones and headphones.
The discussion clearly states with clarity why earphones have been so popular till now. But it also discloses the fact and draws an inference that it will be popular in the future too. Not only will the tech of earphones evolve but also the need of personal musical drive will remain more so real.