Victoria Barbara Montalvo – Affordable Fashion 2020 Trends to Embrace This Year

If you love changing your wardrobe every year to embrace the latest in style and fashion, you should be aware of the top trends displayed in New York, London, and Milan Fashion Weeks. However, when it comes to fashion and stepping out in style, you should also consider your body type and proportions. Budget, too, should be considered, especially when you are looking for affordable fashion wear. It is prudent for you to choose pieces that flatter your body type the best. However, there are some 2020 fashion trends meant for everyone, and you can embrace them with confidence wherever you go!

Victoria Barbara– Flatter yourself to the hilt with these amazing 2020 fashion tips –

  1. Wide-legged jeans – Instead of wearing tight jeans this year, get a new pair of wide-legged jeans as they are super flattering for your figure. Buy them and team them up with a pair of sleek shoes or funky sneakers.
  1. Trench coats – These coats are a must this year and the good news they are available in many colors and materials. The hottest trend for 2020 is the denim trench coats that look super cool in different blue hues. Avoid the color black and opt for softer colors as they will be in vogue for the whole year.
  1. Cargo pants – This is another summer trend that you can pair up with a nice cropped top. The best part of cargo pants is you can buy the high-waisted ones this year that covers your belly button and gives an elongated look. These high waist cargo pants are a must for short and petite girls who wish to look tall and cool this summer.
  1. Leather blazers – Full leather blazers are in this year, and they give you a professional and business-like appeal. Pair them up with some chunky boots and be ready to woo the audience. They will look good over a skin-hugging black dress knee-length or just above the knee in size.
  1. Embrace cardigans as a shirt over a pair of jeans – Inspired by celebrity Katie Holmes, this new style is stunning and gives you a different look. Wear your cardigans over jeans and pair them up with boots.
  1. Oversized blazers – Yes, 2020 can be said to be the year of blazers, and the oversized blazer will be a hot trend this year. Buy the right fit and trend as though blazers are classic in fashion wear, their styles change every year. Pair them up with a white t-shirt and black boots.

Victoria Barbara says there are some trends popular in last year that will be hot this year as well. Polka dots are one such example. Choose outfits with polka dots and flaunt them with pride. When it comes to accessories, 2020 is the year of the supermini or gigantic oversized bag, so get some for your wardrobe and team them up with the right outfits. Bags are available in all materials, so buy ones that are within your budget to hit the roads in 2020 in style!