Construction Safety 101: What You Need to Know

The construction industry has contributed to a majority of the world’s industrialization. From sky-high glass and steel towers to 17th century inspired architecture, any living or commercial building can only stand after the efforts of an organized team of workers. While the job began as completely manual labour during the era of ancient civilizations, contemporary machinery has given construction workers plenty of leverage to do more daunting tasks. 
Despite the technological advancements surrounding the building of high-rise establishments, construction remains the industry with the highest work-related injuries in Australia. It connects to the lack of individual safety measures undergone by independent workers and companies alike. After all, even working with the highest quality Synergy Scaffolding equipment requires ample planning, spacial awareness, and safety gear. Here are some tips to avoid accidents and injuries on the site. 
Fall Protection 
Construction workers perform a large number of tasks above ground, which means that you need to undergo the appropriate measures to ensure fall protection. Preparatory steps should begin by wearing the standard site equipment, such as hard hats, safety gloves, chains, and harnesses. These will ensure that any accidental falls are accounted for through tried and tested gear, but ensure that you are also aware of how to utilize them. 
Understand the work location, conditions of the soil, and weather to help you make informed decisions. Things as simple as the dampness of the ground should raise alarms on whether or not it is safe to climb a ladder. Falls cause 58 % of construction fatalities in Australia, but you can altogether avoid those by making the right calls and listening to your site planner for the day’s safety efforts. 
Scaffolding Protection 
As a myriad of construction projects deal with above-ground working conditions, it is inevitable for you to make use of scaffolding equipment. They will elevate you without restricting movement to a single step on the ladder. Synergy Scaffolding solutions are the essential equipment in the building of high-rise structures as they will allow you to reach greater heights safely. However, working on scaffolds is not for beginners — they require a good deal of training to plan, install, set-up and use. 
Most large-scale construction projects will have a site planner who determines the feasibility and actual installation of a scaffold. However, if you are working on independent construction, then it is best to thoroughly study the area and learn how to use a platform as a prior safety measure. 
Health Concerns 
Construction is a labour-intensive line of work, which means that it is inevitable for people to get sick once in a while. However, the exposure to dust and other chemicals from grinding, welding, sandblasting, and materials such as spray coatings make workers particularly vulnerable to respiratory problems. Generally, construction companies try to minimize the damage by implementing robust exhaust ventilation systems, practicing techniques such as wet cutting to avoid the chemical dust output, and providing workers extra gear, including respirators. 
As a worker, it is pertinent to ensure that your company follows the appropriate measures against these harmful particles. Your vigilance may save your health from long-term issues, so it pays to be attentive. If you work individually, then ensure that you provide yourself with as much protective gear and follow safety practices as well. 
Safety in the construction site can be challenging to manage, especially with deadlines to meet and unfavourable weather conditions that may tempt you to power through. However, small habits such as paying attention, being well-prepared to work, and understanding the site may end up saving your life.