Best Ways to Treat Tennis Elbow

It is not exactly the end of the world if you have been diagnosed with a Tennis Elbow. Yes, it might take a while to recover and for things to get back to normal; but you will definitely be able to use your hand the way you used to, before the tennis elbow. Finding a treatment plan is a temporary relief from your back pain; but if you want permanent relief, you will have to address the root cause of the problem that will eliminate any recurrence in the future.

So what exactly do you have to do to heal your tennis elbow? Nothing. Yes, that’s exactly you do – nothing. Tennis elbow can heal on its own. All you need to do is give your elbow a break. Of course, there are a couple of things that you can do to speed up the healing process. Here are some of the best ways that can help:

Icing the elbow

Use an Ice pack on your elbow for about 20 to 30 minutes. Repeat this after every 3 or 4 hours for about 2 to 3 days. This will reduce swelling and pain. Many with lower back pain find relief in exercising their muscles. A few such exercises include the cobra pose, press-ups, standing backbends, and walking on flat ground. While loosening your tensed muscles, such stretching exercises also strengthen your weak muscles. Make sure you approach each step gently.

Using the elbow strap

Giving your elbow a break is very important to make sure you get rid of your tennis elbow. This can be facilitated by using an elbow strap. This will keep you from straining your injured tendon.

Taking NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)

If the pain is too much to bear, you can just take an aspirin, naproxen, or ibuprofen. Apart from helping with the pain, this will also reduce the swelling. Nevertheless, some of these drugs can cause side effects such as ulcers and bleeding. Use them only if required as per your doctor’s advice.

Performing range of motion exercises

There are a certain range of motion exercises your doctor may recommend if you have been diagnosed with a tennis elbow. These will reduce the stiffness in your elbow, improving the flexibility. You will have to do these exercises three to five times a day.

Getting physical therapy

Physical therapy can help in stretching and strengthening your elbow muscles. You may experience pain initially; but once the stiffness reduces, you will find it easier to use your elbow. A couple of sessions should heal the condition completely if you follow the instructions of the physical therapist.

You can also consult a Rockville chiropractor who will suggest a few alternative methods to heal your tennis elbow. Surgery would be your last resort if you have a severe case of tennis elbow that fails to respond to any of the above-mentioned treatments. Such surgeries usually have a success rate of 85 to 90 percent.