Tesla cars on Indian roads
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Tesla Car in Indian Market! Is It Suitable for The Indian Roads?

Finally, Tesla is making a sensational entry in India! After years of speculations, one of the most respected automakers, Elon Musk, is about to set a research and development centre for Tesla in Bengaluru. Additionally, Tesla Model 3 is anticipated to get launched in India in March 2021. No doubt, Tesla cars would be loved and welcomed with warmth in India but will our Indian roads render the same love? Well, the whole of Twitter is worried about India’s bumper-to-bumper traffic! Also, can Indians afford such an expensive car (By the way, Tesla model 3 price in India is estimated to be 60 lakhs in the beginning)? You will get a quick answer to all these questions in this blog itself. All you need to do is grab a cup of coffee or tea and have a seat. Challenges for Tesla cars on In...
Treadmill buying guide: Must read before purchasing a treadmill for your home
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Treadmill buying guide: Must read before purchasing a treadmill for your home

Are you looking to buy the best treadmill for home? If yes, then congratulations as you are one-step away from keeping your health in good form.  The treadmill is what helps you walk and run while being at home. You and other members of the family can make the most of the device to keep their health in top form.  But, buying the best treadmill for home may not be a cakewalk. It may be if you don’t have any idea of a few aspects.  The cost of the best treadmill for homes could be on the higher side affecting your budget. But you don’t have to worry! It is because you are also going to know about a smart solution to fund your purchase via the health card download.  Read on and go through this treadmill buying guide.  1. Size The first consideration before buying the best treadm...