Changing the Scenery of Domestic Care Everywhere Shower Screens

You can ask anyone about their favorite place and you will get an answer that bathroom is the place which is popular among all because it is the place where one can feel relaxed after having a tired day in office or work. So, it is very important for us to make this beautiful place more stylish and elegant. If you are thinking to add more comfort in the bathroom then you should install shower screens with the shower so that your bathroom looks more beautiful than it was before. You can choose among thousands of designs available in the market. You can get more safety after installing these shower screens because they act like a door if someone is coming to the showering area. You should install them apart from toilet.
So, what are shower screens?
These really are a no-frills way of providing a showering area in the confines of one’s home at a relatively low cost by marking the boundary region of shower and preventing effluent water from exiting the bath onto the floor. Earlier it was curtains that were used in shower and bathroom enclosures to provide privacy and to prevent water from flooding outside the shower or bathtub area.
What are these screens made up of?
These shower screens or doors are mostly made by materials ranging from various forms of toughened glass, silver, mirrors, aluminium, clear glass, plexi glass, tempered glass etc.  
Other than composition, what sorts of variety can we seen in Shower Screens?
Today, the heavy demand allows for a great many brands to be engaged in offering a wide choice of designs and shapes of such shower screens. Using other related shower accessories, one can have screens suited for attachment to walls and non-walls both. They also come in many different colors (say chrome) and glass patterns which can be matched against other bathroom fittings and attachments such as taps, knobs etc.
Types of Shower Screens

  • Hinged bath screens
  • Square/ Beveled bath screens
  • Curved bath screens
  • Floating bath screens
  • Sliding bath screens
  • Folding bath screens etc.

There are also framed, semi frameless, frameless shower enclosures or cubicles. Walk in, wet room, return, panel only are terms used for such shower screens. Mounting bracket designs are available where no additional diagonal wall support is required. Elaborate mechanisms where two large self-locking glass doors fit on the wall frame can be simply folded after use serves dual purposes of concealing tap fittings and making the bathroom appear spacious. Railings, knobs, shower trays are examples of other additions.
Shower Screens
Shower enclosures also come in variations of black enclosures, quadrant, straight hinged, pivot, bifold, round corner, four-fold etc. As far as individual style is concerned, one can opt between plain transparent design and geometric patterns. Glass splashbacks are a new entrant to the scene too. Many places now cater to the new DIY generation who may want to carry out the installation themselves on their own. Coming to glasses, one can choose between low iron glasses, acid etched opaque glass, colored and printed laminated glass and residue resistant glasses.
How to care for Shower screens?
It can be through either or all of the following ways.

  • Simple water and dishwashing detergent.
  • Scrubbing with baking soda and vinegar. Vinegar soak loosens up hard mineral deposits. Rinse off with warm water.
  • For Metallic frames, a mixture of lemon juice and salt can be used for cleaning purposes with a brush.

Here are some quick and easy ways for hassle free maintenance of shower screens.