Chipotle Joins Kelce Craze: “Chipolte” Takes Center Stage

Chipotle Joins Kelce Craze: "Chipolte" Takes Center Stage

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In a playful nod to Travis Kelce’s tweet mishap, Chipotle alters the signage of its Kansas City location to proudly read “Chipolte.” Kelce’s 2011 tweet, referring to the chain as “chipolte,” gains viral attention, prompting Chipotle’s intentional homage. The restaurant’s VP of External Communications, Erin Wolford, confirms the move, citing an opportunity to authentically engage with fans. The playful response, initially a social media hit, extends to a physical name change for a local eatery. The move sustains the buzz before the Chiefs’ clash with the Eagles on November 21, marking a strategic marketing win for Chipotle.