Cleaning with Care_ Trustworthy House Cleaning Services

Cleaning with Care_ Trustworthy House Cleaning Services

Cleaning…a simple word yet so many feelings are evoked. Some will just gladly think of dusting and polishing all the surfaces. In contrast, others (around 50% according to the polls) will terrifyingly shrug shoulders and mentally postpone the “big cleaning” once again. 

Cleaning is one of the fundamental bricks of a homey atmosphere as it helps to declutter your living space of all the “keep-it-for-later” stuff. However, with all the busyness and workload of our days, it is forcefully taken to a backseat in the to-do list. 

A whopping number of people who need a helping hand with cleaning gave a rise to various cleaning services, which offer to make your space cristal clean in the shortest time possible. However, as it often happens, the actual results have nothing to do with the initial promises. How to choose the best cleaning service out there on the market? There are a few fundamentals to check..

The scope of work

First thing first – define what you need. The scope of work will define the company and the price to pay for the service. All the requirements should be outlined in the tiniest detail as it will make the first conversation substantial and help to get a more precise quote. It is important to understand that washing up doesn’t include all the folding and sorting afterwards, only if you mention it. 

Besides, prepare a list of substances you can be allergic to, the best timing, frequency, etc. By anticipating everything in advance, you will save time while communicating with the company, as you will be ready with all the requirements. 


The first filter to apply is the location of the company. It’s always recommended to choose the one that is locally friendly, as they will always be within reach, and they do their best to keep their reputation in the local community high. When checking for cleaning services in London and suburban areas, check the coverage of a tried-and-tested cleaning provider, as they have been growing their successful market presence since 2017. 

Experience, expansion, and references

Experience is the source of mastery and knowledge. The companies that have proven their worth for years and keep expanding their geography should be the first among the options. If the company managed to get a grip on the market competition while its establishing period and is constantly expanding its horizons, it sure is a sign of quality. 

With every client, the company builds up its reputation and portfolio. Nowadays, all the performance of any company can be tracked online through reviews. Study carefully the positive and negative reviews, and check for the photos of the results. Besides, by reading the reviews, you may also check the level of company-client communication. The providers who value every client will address every issue, offering the most suitable solutions. 

The references from colleagues, friends, and family members will also work perfectly, however, checking reviews, additionally, never hurts. 

Type of services

After narrowing down the list of candidates, check if they can provide the specific types of cleaning you require. Typically, the service includes regular and deep office or house cleaning, and various related functions. For every type of cleaning, the company provides a specific list of actions they perform and the pricing. If there is something you are willing to change, you can always arrange it with the assistant over the phone. 

Cleaning supplies

It is important to check if the company exploits nature- and thus, user-friendly supplies for providing their services, as it is an essential part of a healthy environment. Eco-friendly products will be your tiny contribution to environmental problems. You may also inquire about some specific substances provided you have an unusual piece of furniture or the element of design to be taken care of. 


What if the cleaner gets hurt while vacuuming the floor? What if your valuable piece of the interior gets broken? What if the cleaner didn’t do the job properly? The ‘What if’ list is quite long. Therefore, the company has to state clearly its responsibility for the workers’ health, and, damages to your property.  

Availability and timing

The availability of the company throughout the day is an important aspect to consider, as it will be easier to arrange the cleaning time if you work shifts, or have a non-standard working day. However, it’s worth considering that night hours are charged more. 

When meeting the cleaner for the first time, check how punctual they are, as ill-timed cleaning is definitely not on the list and it’s better to be stated along with the cleaning requirements. 

The choice of a cleaning company is a responsible step, as their work will provide you with the cleanliness of the living space and will free you from all the cleaning-related burdens: 

  • A reliable company has positive reviews, is presented locally, and specifies meticulously all the details of the cleaning.
  • Provided there are misunderstandings in the pre-arrangement stage, avoid the provider, even if they offer a good price. 
  • If there are issues during the “trial’ cleaning, it’s recommended to check for another company. 

If you are still in two minds, think about all the time you will have at your disposal, as you will no longer need to spend it on annoying chores. Trust the professionals, while having some time off the work and household routines.