Comparing the 4 Best WordPress Caching Plugins

Are you not happy with the performance of your WordPress website anymore? Is it not loading as quickly as it used to? Well, excessive load time surely has a number of issues in terms of limited traffic, lowered Google search rank and low potential of your website. But, a caching plugin can easily prevent all these disasters.
Hence, today, we will provide you with the breakdown of the most popular plugins. Take a look:
To start with, Caching is a place where data is temporarily stored. In order to reduce the load times, active data is cached. Whereas caching plugins help WordPress work more efficiently.
The Basis to Test the Best Caching Plugins:

  • Functionality – Some plugins have additional features like GZIP compression, minification etc. that enables your site to run faster.
  • Complexity – It’s all about your own experience, do you need a step by step procedure or can simply dive in.
  • Cost – Plugins range from free to a few hundred dollars. But this factor affects the feature and reliability of the product.
  • Support – Some plugins have support documentation, forums; lines etc. while others may have nothing.

Comparing the Best WordPress Caching Plugins

  • WP Super Cache

A popular free WordPress caching plugin has over a million active installs. It’s extremely effective at keeping your server from slowing down to a crawl or overloading. Easy to install, use and configure, WP Super Cache support for Content Delivery Networks. However, it has a few limitations such as, if a user is logged in, there is no super caching and some users have also reported a few issues with compatibility.

  • WP Total Cache

One of the most popular caching plugins, it is updated every few months. Having 16 pages of configuration options, you can customize it to your own particular specifications. But at the same time, so many customization options seem a bit daunting to some users.  Added advantage is it supports minification, GZIP and CDNs.

  • WP Fastest Cache

Similar to many other caching plugins, it offers you a few customization options. It’s easier for an average user to get familiar with but isn’t the fastest caching plugin.

  • WP Rocket

Unlike other caching plugin options, it is a premium alternative that requires you to purchase a license. However, it is a wise investment as WP Rocket is one of the fastest options in the market and has excellent tech support in terms of cache preloading, GZIP compression, and lazy image loading. The only drawbacks are that it’s not free and have limited advanced options.
Not two sites are same meaning some caching plugins may work very well on some sites while not so well on others. So, take precaution in your decision and ensure advanced settings you plan to implement are supported by your web host.