Cure Insomnia using Sleep Balm with Essential Oils

Insomnia is widespread today and is a major concern in home healthcare. It can be very harmful to your health. Remember that sleep is a basic necessity of a healthy lifestyle and is needed just like food and water for survival. It is the only time when your cells regenerate the most usually between 10 pm to 3 am. Human adults should sleep at least 6 to 8 hours every day to keep your brain productive for the next 24 hours.   Turning to over-the-counter sleep aids for help can be hurtful and even addictive. Wherein, the negative effects are built through time.

Disadvantages of having Prolonged Insomnia

We know that our brain relaxes during sleep. Therefore, sleep deprivation can result in serious diseases as the brain controls every organ inside a human body. It can cause panic attacks, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, hypertension and even diabetes. Lack of sleep can also dumb you down. The brain closes the door for thinking and learning process. Having insufficient hours of sleep can weaken your attentiveness and concentration. Apart from that, sleep loss can make you feel drowsy all that time that can lead to a car accidents.

Homemade Essential Oil Sleep Balm

Using essential oils in curing insomnia is a popular trend nowadays. Llavender essential oil when applied directly onto the skin can help the problem. It is proven and effective for working and stressed people. You may need to mix this essence with fractionated coconut oil to make it more long-lasting. For a fact, carrier oils are oily mediums that can also keep the skin healthy. It aids the delivery of aromatic compounds into your bloodstream. Furthermore, the other aromatherapy oils aside from lavender oil like Roman chamomile and ylang ylang essential oil have been used many years ago as an old version as herbal sedatives. These essences are well known for helping sleep remedies. Using essential oils will help you get some sleep that can promote better health.

Essential Oil Mixes for Sleep

If you are used to creating your own cosmetics and personal care products, then creating a sleep balm would be easy for you. You can make lotion bars using shea butter. Owning an essential oil collection is also a good way, because if you need to keep rotating the ingredients, you may enjoy mixing the elements all together. You will need to switch oils around, to come up with a new oil mix every time. Furthermore, a Plant Therapy Sleep-Aid is a mixture of lavender, mandarin, ylang ylang, neroli and valerian essential oils. Besides from using essential oils, you may add coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax pellets in making a sleep balm.


Take an effective action on how you can help yourself to ease your insomnia. Frequent sleep deprivation can lead to depression. A lot of treatments are made available for the patients. Just be responsible before using a product as it can make you rely on them forever. Choose the ones that use natural and safe ingredients or you can opt to make your own blend reliever.