Why Dental Implant Bridges are Better Than Dentures

Dental problems are most common amongst people in today’s time. The oral diseases are mostly a lifestyle problem are can be prevented by following a better routine. People who pay attention to their health and hygiene, follow a proper diet and refrain from any activity that can cause them harm are less likely to face oral health issues.
Dental issues can be a cause of improper diet, too much consumption of the carbonated drinks and sometimes a result of some injury or accident. Whatever the cause is, a person cannot neglect his oral health and do whatever he can in his power to keep it in good condition.
People who have tooth injuries, often get confused about the treatment they should prefer. It is important that you do proper research about both the methods to get a clear idea about what is better for you. Here are a few comparisons that can help you base your decision.
Dental Implants and Dentures
Frankly speaking, both dental implants and dentures are a safe option to replace the missing or broken tooth but how much effective it is going to depend on the condition of the teeth. Dentures are used to replace the missing teeth and the effected tissues surrounding the tooth. There are two types of dentures that are available, complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used when the patient has lost all his tooth, however, if only one or two missing tooth have to be replaced, they can be done with the help of partial dentures.
Tooth decay and periodontal diseases have become so common. With the surge in them, the treatment has also improved. Dental implants, just like dentures, are a way to replace the missing tooth. The dental implants look just like our teeth and since they are placed from right next to the bone, they are a permanent solution.
One of the biggest advantages that the dental implants have over dentures is that they do not affect the speech. If the dentures are not fit properly then they can slip causing you trouble and making you mumble while speaking. Since, dental implants fit perfectly on the spot, they become like a part of the teeth and do not cause any disruptions whatsoever.
Some dentures do not allow you to chew your food while on. Which means, you might have to remove them while eating your food, which means you will still have problems you had before the dentures. Dental implants function just like natural teeth and allow you to eat everything you want to without any discomfort.
Both dentures and dental implants are a good choice if you are getting the treatment just o boost your morale. People with lost tooth do not feel so confidant and feel conscious most of the time, especially while interacting with others. Which means that getting the tooth implant or getting the dentures, both would solve the problem.
Improved Oral Health
Since dental implant if fit on the spot of the missing tooth, it doesn’t require the removal of the neighboring tooth, unlike the dentures. Dental implants, of course, is a better option as it doesn’t affect the nearby teeth as they do not need to be altered to support the implant. They allow easier access to the teeth and improve oral hygiene.
Implants are very durable and do not require extra care. If you take care of your teeth regularly, the dental implant can last a lifetime. Dentures are also long lasting, but since they are removable, the constant movement can effect the fit of the dentures making them uncomfortable for you.
Overall, dental implants are a better choice and you must opt for them if you have a missing or a broken tooth. The dental implant costs are also not much and can be affordable easily.