Different Types Of Facial Reconstruction Surgery Procedure

Face is the section of the human body that defines a person’s identity. Even slight damage to this part can take away a person’s natural appeal and confidence. 
Unfortunately, about 54,730 patients have suffered from this injury in the decade. Some of them suffered it due to birth deformation while a lot of them developed the problem due to a traumatic event. 
It was for these numbers that the doctors began to find a way to stop this problem, and as a result, facial reconstruction surgeries can to light.
This post will tell you about the various problems that the reconstruction procedure solved and the surgical procedures related to them.
What Can It Do For You?
Facial reconstruction surgery ranges from the common procedure like tissue rearrangement, skin grafting to sophisticated practices like skin transfer and bone or cartilage adjustment. The experts like Dr Cabin say that done in right way facial reconstruction can help you to adjust the base structure of the face, achieve balance, and symmetry. 
The following are some common areas where facial reconstruction can help:

  • Cure lingering effect of Skin cancer
  • Enhance facial features like nose, lips, eyelids and more
  • Remove diseases or congenital disabilities
  • Fix contour deformation
  • Proportionate the facial features
  • Reconstruct the face after an accident
  • Reverse the signs of aging
  • Deal with facial burn marks

Common Facial Surgery Procedures
Every injury and deformation need specific types of fixation. Some injuries are curable with skin processes, some need tissue manipulation, and some even goes to skull restructuring. The doctors will analyze your enhancement requirement and then decide a procedure according to it.
The following are the common types of facial reconstruction surgeries that you can avail
MOH’s Surgery Reconstruction
MOHS is the medical procedure for treating skin-related cancers. During this treatment, the surgeons examine the skin and remove the tumor affected sections, including your facial areas. They keep on removing the skin layers until they achieve a completely cancer-free tissue layer.
The process is essential for the treatment, but it leaves defects on the skin, and that is where facial skin reconstruction comes to play. It helps the patient to fix the residual marks and achieve the natural look of their facial skin.
Scar Revision
Usually, when a person goes through a traumatic incident or surgical procedure, he/she is left with some scars. These scars look very uncomforting and even restrict the normal functionality of the facial parts. Facial surgery helps you to deal with them. 
In this process, doctors use in-office injections, micro-needling, CO2 laser, and a lot more techniques to resurface and smoothen your skin. These processes eliminate the small-sized scars and shrink the larger ones to provide you the natural look you need. 
Laceration Repairs
Cuts or skin tears are not that rare in day to day life. They are so common that a majority of people don’t even consider them risky. 
However, the theory doesn’t apply to facial cuts. In this case, the cuts heal quickly, and you have minimal time to implement proper measures and stop them from becoming scars. Moreover, you cannot use standard stitching techniques for them.
Therefore, you need proper treatment for closing them. This treatment is known as lacerations repair.
These are just the common types of facial reconstruction surgeries that can help you to avoid and heal facial marks. They can help you to maintain your natural look and regain the confidence lost due to traumatic injuries. 
Combined with procedures like facelifting and rhinoplasty, reconstructive surgery is a useful tool. It can give you a chance of normal life after the incident.

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