Discovering The Heart Of Chicago: A Review Of Cambria Hotel In The Loop Theatre District


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Chicago is on many bucket lists. This bustling neighborhood boasts a rich history, celebrated landmarks, renowned museums, iconic theaters, and more. There is something for the entire family. Bang in the heart of it all? The Cambria Hotel. A location that allows you to embrace all that the Loop Theatre District has to offer.   

In this guide, we give you insight into this charming hotel. As well as its surrounding area. Read on to discover more.

Modern Elegance  

Modern Elegance

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If searching for a home away from home, and a space that boasts a combination of unmatched comfort and modern-day elegance, the Cambria Hotel Chicago has it all.  

This quintessential establishment boasts various amenities, including an on-site fitness suite, and spacious rooms. Yet this is far from its only selling point. It provides the perfect location to explore the area’s most prevalent neighborhoods and attractions.

Food For All 

Food For All

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Whether dining in the hotel at Intermission Bar and Kitchen, which serves up various taste-tantalizing American dishes, spanning from breakfast to lunch and dinner and must-try distinctive drinks. And when you’ve tried all the hotel has to offer, head to the celebrated Chicago Loop and explore the local dining scene.  

Here, discover several restaurants serving local delights and international cuisines. Take your pick from trendy bars, charming cafes, and dining establishments galore. Whatever you’re craving, be it steak or ice cream, you’re guaranteed to find it here.

Must-See Attractions on Your Doorstep

Must-See Attractions on Your Doorstep

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Chicago’s bustling downtown area is home to several must-see attractions. These include State Street shopping, the live theater district, Millennium Park, the infamous art institute, and various natural wonders, such as copious green spaces – the perfect contrast to the bustling streets and towering skyscrapers. Then there are the not to be missed architectural gems, such as the Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower). 

Whether you want to embrace a city vibe or relax and unwind, when you book a stay in the Cambria Hotel, there is something for all. Below we’ve listed some of the top attractions the Chicago Loop has to offer, including their distances from the venue:  

Navy Pier: This energetic entertainment, enveloped by Lake Michigan, boasts various renowned museums and rides. All sit against a backdrop of breathtaking lakefront views. You’ll also discover several must-try delectable dining experiences. You can spend all day and night here and won’t run out of things to do. Located 1.7 miles from the venue, it’s on your doorstep.  

Chicago Theatre District: Set 0.1 miles from the Cambria Hotel, this history-rich neighborhood is brimming with iconic theaters and picture-perfect marquees. Overall, it embodies a contagious atmosphere. Fan of musicals, Broadway-caliber productions, plays, and comedy performances? This is an area not to be missed. 

The Art Institute: Situated 0.6 miles from the Cambria Hotel, this is another doorstep gem. It’s also one of the most famous art museums in the world. Home to a collection of global treasures, comprising 300,000 works, all by celebrated painters, they have been viewed by over one million people. Here, you can lose yourself in an exquisite collection of masterpieces. 

State Street: Chicago’s State Street is a historic avenue and a major shopping location, with a diverse selection of retail stores, contemporary boutiques, and iconic stores. Soak in the vibrant atmosphere by walking just 0.1 miles and discover a broad choice of dining options, from cozy cafes to gourmet restaurants. 

Chicago Riverwalk: The stunning Chicago Riverwalk is home to various riverside dining options, scenic views, and entertainment comprising live music, cultural festivals, and art exhibitions. The result? A cultural community vibe is situated just 0.5 miles from the venue. Don’t want to walk? Hire bikes instead.  

Millennium Park: Set just 0.6 miles from the hotel, this vast green space is described as a hidden gem. As well as a green space, it hosts innovative art displays and inventive architecture. A versatile area that invites you to embrace live concerts or take a stroll. 

Head Back To Your Urban Retreat 

Still, have energy after exploring all the above? Hit up the Cambria Hotel’s on-site fitness center and work off one of the many dishes you may have sampled.  

Alternatively, unwind and recharge in one of the venue’s comfortable, Chicago-style guest rooms. Boasting vibrant hues, contemporary furnishings, and artistic accents, every room in the hotel oozes style and sophistication.  

An urban retreat boasting the best of both worlds. A dedicated office and spa-quality bathroom, make this venue suitable for business and leisure escapes, or a little of both. 

The Bottom Line  

Traveling boosts happiness, and satisfaction and keeps your brain active as you learn and explore new places, meet new people, and live through new experiences. Looking for your next adventure? Chicago boasts the perfect combination of City vibes and relaxation. Whether taking to the bustling streets and exploring the vibrant cafes and restaurants. Or relaxing in one of the Cambria Hotel’s spacious rooms with luxurious spa treats, there is something for all tastes. 

When booking accommodation in a new city, choosing a venue with a great location is crucial. This means you can experience everything the area has to offer without having to worry about transport. When you book a stay at the Cambria Hotel, you’re privy to Chicago’s heart on foot.