Types of Custom Car Decals

Car Decals

you can choose from many custom car decals to help express your personality and style. Custom decals are a great way to customize your car to stand out from the rest of the vehicles on the road. From vinyl decals to chrome decals, let’s explore the many types of custom car decals so you can choose which one will help you show off your style.

Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals are the most popular type of custom car decal because they are easy to apply and remove. Custom vinyl decals are made from a versatile, durable film and can stick to almost any smooth surface, making them able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Vinyl decals typically have an adhesive backing, making them simple to apply. Coming in a wide variety of colors and shapes, vinyl decals are the perfect choice for someone looking to add some personality to their car.

How to Apply Vinyl Decals

  • Clean the surface of your car
  • Determine the placement of the custom car decal on your car
  • Peel the backing paper off the decal; if it is a large car decal, then peel only a few inches off at a time
  • Place one edge of the car decal to the surface of your car, smoothing it out with a squeegee as you go along the decal
  • Let the decal fully dry
  • Remove air bubbles with a squeegee or straight-edge

Car Decals

Window Decals

The window decal is another popular choice to personalize your car. Placed on the inside of the window and made of transparent material, window decals are a great choice for someone who wants to subtly add personalization to their car. Window decals are typically smaller, so it is easier to express yourself without changing the overall appearance of your car.

How to Apply Window Decals

  • Clean the window surface
  • Remove air bubbles from the decal before placement; use a straight edge to rub from one side to the other gently¬†
  • Determine the placement of the window decal on the window
  • Remove the backing paper; if it is a large decal, then only remove a few inches at a time
  • Place the window decal from one edge to the other using a straight edge to smooth it as you place it
  • Let sit for 24 hours so that it can fully dry. Do not remove the transfer paper yet
  • After the window decal is fully dry, remove the transfer paper, be careful not to pick up the decal

Car Decals

Racing Stripe Decals

A classic for car enthusiasts, racing stripe decals are perfect for anyone who wants the old-school racing look and feel. Originally placed on race cars to help identify them in the field during races, racing stripe decals have been popular since the 1960s. Racing stripes are custom car decals made for the car’s hood, trunk, roof, or side. These car decals can be custom-made to match the colors of your car. Racing stripe decals present a sporty, flashy look that will turn heads everywhere you go.

How to Apply Racing Stripe Decals

  • Clean the surface of your car
  • Determine the placement of the decals. Be sure to measure as you want racing stripes to mirror each other
  • Work with one decal at a time
  • Prepare the decal by taking off the backing paper a few inches at a time
  • Place the racing stripe decal and smooth out any air bubbles with a straight edge
  • Let the car decal fully dry, then peel off the transfer paper
  • Remove any extra air bubbles by gently rubbing a straight edge from side to side on the decal

Car Decals

Chrome Decals

Chrome decals are custom car decals typically made of polyester and have a reflective and metallic look. Through a process called metalization, the polyester is coated with a thin layer of real metal, usually aluminum, giving the custom decal that shiny appearance. The decal is made durable by adding a protective clear coat after the metalization process, making the decal able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Chrome decals also have a special adhesive, making them simple to apply and remove. With their luxurious shine, chrome decals are the perfect custom car decals to add flair to your ride. Chrome decals can be added anywhere to the exterior of your vehicle, including the bumper and rims.

How to Apply Chrome Decals

  • Clean the surface of your car
  • Prepare the decal by peeling off the backing paper
  • Position the car decal in the intended placement, carefully and gently press the decal to the car’s surface
  • Smooth out the decal with a squeegee from the center to the edges, removing any air bubbles
  • Apply even pressure to the car decal to secure the adhesive to the car
  • If the decal has transfer paper, remove it by slowly peeling it while making sure not to pick up the decal
  • Use a clean cloth to buff the decal and give it a final smoothing gently

Car Decals

Which Custom Car Decal Will You Choose?

Custom car decals are an awesome way to make your car stand out from the crowd and let your personality shine. There are many custom decals to choose from, each with its unique benefits and appearances. Whether you’re a car enthusiast who wants to add racing stripe decals to your car to get that old-school feel, or a business owner who wants to advertise your company with a window decal on the company vehicle, there’s a custom car decal out there for you!