Elon University Embraces Mardi Gras Spirit with Festive Celebrations

Elon University Embraces Mardi Gras Spirit with Festive Celebrations

Elon, February 13, 2024 – The vibrant colors of purple, green, and gold adorned Elon University’s campus yesterday as students and faculty came together to celebrate Mardi Gras in style. From the lively beats of jazz music to the tantalizing aromas of New Orleans cuisine, the festivities captivated all who participated.

The heart of the celebration was at College Coffee, where the Alumni Gym echoed with the sounds of jazz and laughter. Attendees indulged in a delectable array of Mardi Gras and New Orleans treats, including the iconic King Cake, mouthwatering beignets, and irresistible bananas that foster doughnut holes. Draped in beads and adorned with colorful masks, the Elon community embraced the spirit of the occasion wholeheartedly.

For President Connie Ledoux Book, a Louisiana native, the celebration held special significance. “Celebrating Mardi Gras here at Elon brings together two of my favorite things,” she remarked. “Seeing the joy on the faces of colleagues and students as they partake in these Louisiana traditions is truly heartwarming.”

Adding to the ambiance was a stellar performance by the Elon Jazz Band, which resonated deeply with attendees like Sarah Dawkins ’25. “As a fan of jazz music with a personal connection to it, hearing the band perform was a highlight for me,” she shared. “It felt like a piece of home right here on campus.”

Meanwhile, campus dining halls transformed, offering a taste of Louisiana for lunch and dinner. From savory crawfish dishes to refreshing mocktails, students savored every bite while enjoying entertainment from balloon artists and photo booths. Morgan Oljeski ’27 expressed excitement over the seafood boil, eager to try a new culinary experience.

The festivities showcased the best of Bourbon Street and classic New Orleans, with President Book extending gratitude to partner Harvest Table for their efforts in curating special menus for the occasion. Indeed, Mardi Gras at Elon was a testament to the university’s vibrant community spirit and dedication to cultural celebration.

As the echoes of jazz faded and the aroma of spices lingered in the air, Elon University bid farewell to another memorable Mardi Gras celebration, eagerly anticipating the festivities yet to come.