Everything You Need To Know About Box Trailers

Whether you’re traveling between worksites or transporting goods across long distances, box trailers are sure to be your new best friend. They’re relatively easy to hitch up to your vehicle and, thanks to improved manufacturing standards, they’re not as cumbersome to maneuver by hand as they used to be.

Buying one that is right for you, however, is essential – making the wrong choice can lead to problems down the track. You need to know what you’re talking about, what the specific terms used mean, and how you plan to use them. In this article, we’ve taken a closer look at what you need to know about these trailers.

Box Trailers

How do I figure out how much weight my vehicle can handle?

Finding out what your vehicle is capable of is a relatively straightforward process and mostly depends on your car. Many European cars, from sedans to smaller vehicles, tend to have a very specific towing capacity – this can be found in your handbook. You’re looking for a section titled ‘tow ball load’, which details the maximum weight that can be towed.

I’ve heard that painted trailers aren’t as good as unpainted ones; is this true?

Although painted ones aren’t all that different from unpainted ones, the devil is all in the details. The main reason that trailers are painted is marketing – they’re often painted in brand colors. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with a paint job, just keep in mind that there will be some time and money involved in keeping it in tiptop condition.

Is second-hand a good alternative?

It is generally recommended that you steer clear of second-hand box trailers. In some states, a separate license plate is required that clearly outlines its ATM and payload. Not having the right information can get you in trouble. If you are going to go down the second-hand route, ensure that the listed details are accurate.

What kind of maintenance am I looking at?

Over its lifetime, your trailer won’t actually require a lot of maintenance. The smaller components will, however, including wheel bearings, tail lights, the connector to your tow vehicle, axle springs, the tailgate, any hinges, and the spare wheel (if fitted). Some manufacturers will provide a service schedule if desired.

How easy are they to move by hand?

Connecting and disconnecting your trailer from your vehicle can be problematic if it’s awkward and cumbersome to move by hand. The good news is that they aren’t all that more difficult to move around than a wheelbarrow filled with materials. This will enable you to position it where needed without much difficulty.

I need a dropdown tailgate – is this possible?

Although dropdown tailgates may add to the overall cost of your trailer, they are certainly a feature that can be included. Depending on the payload of your chosen model, it should be more than capable of handling small equipment and machinery – making it the ideal choice for business owners of all shapes and sizes.

What about insurance?

Ensuring your trailer is a fairly easy process, particularly if it’s new, as it will come with all of the required documentation. If you’ve decided to invest in a cage to enclose the space, you’ll actually find that it significantly lowers the cost of your insurance if you’re looking to protect against damage or theft.

Ultimately, your box trailer will become your best friend for the duration of its life. This is why you should only buy what you need rather than what you feel is most desirable. As well as keeping your purchase within budget, it will ensure that you get the most out of your investment and encourage you to keep it in tiptop condition.

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