Top 4 Factors for seamless small business intranet solution experience

small business intranet solutions


There has been substantial disbelief about the open-source movement in the past. However, the way intranet solutions are applied and delivered has evolved recently. For example, during the Covid-19 crisis, companies have discovered streamlined remote working and created a better cloud-based space for their team. 

Often documents and content are stored in different locations, business applications aren’t integrated, and outdated intranet platforms don’t support modern collaboration. As a result, employees spend time finding documents or asking questions, navigating through project management platforms to track key performance indicators, or manage a centralized portal. 

At the same time, with myriad cloud-based collaboration and productivity software options available, it can be tough to figure out what’s best. Some technology products may not fit your needs or require additional customizations to provide the right features. On top of that, employers should consider recurring costs in the selection of small business intranet solutions. For instance, if you’re working on business intranet projects that require flexible or open source management, Microsoft Sharepoint is the best choice. 

The success of the following key factors that employers should consider when evaluating internal portal for employees:

Implement a platform designed for cellular devices

To begin with, find a platform designed for mobile. The internal communication software experience on smartphones is reliable and user-friendly for viewing or managing the content. Furthermore, the apps allow notifications to appear in a variety of ways for users. When evaluating intranet solutions, search for their rating in the app stores. For example, Workplace by Facebook offers shared knowledge of the library, integration with Google Drive and Zoom, persistent chat rooms, and more. 

Custom security settings for the users

With The Clubhouse, you will notice restricted content per job role through the company’s active directory. But job roles can change based on project requirements. In addition, secure intranet solutions allow visibility into the data protection you employ based on each employee’s role. 

Users today need the highest level of visibility, appropriate access, and frictionless experience with no security compromise in their small business intranet solutions.  

Streamline search functionality 

Seamless search functionality is a must. Business intranet platforms like Slack and Igloo present search bars within groups and globally to help associates find what they need. Furthermore, you can navigate the text inside files so users can find what they’re looking for easily. 

Intuitive intranet platforms can cost you less.

Overlooking the cost and time associated with creating job aids and training your workforce can raise unprecedented problems. If the intranet solutions aren’t easy to use, you can experience a low adoption rate among your employees. Your associates and employees don’t care how visually alluring the platform is- they want easy functionality and a productive platform. 


If you haven’t purchased an intranet system yet for your business, make simplicity your top priority. Before you push the change, understand how employees find and share information in the current environment. A user-friendly mentality will help you choose the right intranet for small businesses that unites your workforce and streamline how people work.