Ficus Lyrata: The Plant You Need To Include In Your Home

Ficus Lyrata: The Plant You Need To Include In Your Home

There are many indoor plants, but plants that Yes or Yes you should include in your home are not so many.

The Ficus Lyrata is a common plant. In addition to its beauty and its penetrating green color, it has a quality that makes it stand out: it purifies the air in a room and enhances the beauty of your home.

What Is The Ficus Lyrata?

Also known as Ficus Pandurata, it is a plant whose origin is located in Africa.

Surely you have noticed that its name is similar to that of the lyre. And it’s not a coincidence. It was named like this in homage to this plant since its leaf has a very similar shape to the instrument.

That is why the plant also has other more common names such as ficus Tirado or violin-leaf fig.

Ficus Lyrata Care

It is not a demanding plant, so it is ideal if you do not have much time to dedicate to it or if plants are your pending subject.

This is why it is perfect for indoors that can reach up to 10 meters high. But don’t worry, the plant will adapt to the environment where it grows.

Ficus Lyrata care is simple:

  • You must place it in a place with light.
  • Water it frequently in the summer. During the coldest months of the year, the ideal is that you water when you notice the dry substrate, which can be at an interval of a week or two.
  • Regarding the type of water, the ideal is to use softened water at room temperature. It is important that you never flood its roots. They can rot and cause the death of the plant.
  • Your substrate should be light. There are special substrates for this type of plant. It must be properly aerated.
  • The focus rate is often threatened by pests such as the red spider mite or the dreaded mealybug. There are prepared products with which you can eradicate the plague or predict that it will appear.

Should We Prune A Ficus Lyrata?

If you are going to place this plant indoors (it is advisable) it is not necessary to prune it. It will be enough to remove any possible leaves or dry branches to keep it just as beautiful all year round.

If you are going to place this plant outside, perform a single annual pruning.

How Can You Transplant Your Ficus Lyrata?

If you decide to buy a Ficus Lyrata and you want to transplant it, it is important that you know if it is convenient for you to do so at this time. 

When transplanting it you just have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, make sure that all the tools that you are going to use to transplant it are clean. This will prevent possible pests from entering it.
  • Remove all the dry leaves and branches that you see.
  • Hold the macerator and try to release the brush with smooth movements. Remember: she is alive.
  • Extract the plant little by little. Release the roots that are very attached with patience and finesse.
  • Put it into its new one.
  • Afterward, you must cover the root ball with a new substrate.
  • Don’t forget to water it.

Where To Buy One Of Them?

Surely after knowing the Ficus Lyrata, you are looking forward to acquiring one of these jewels of nature.

In many online plant stores which have plant delivery Melbourne services, you can buy the Ficus Lyrata directly in your home and enjoy a unique tropical beauty in your living room.

Follow the advice that we have given you and you will see it grow healthy and full of life!

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