Health Issues Side Effects of Using Headphones and Earphones

As everyone knows technology is both boon and curse which is made of our life much convenient and easier. Earphones and headphones are most important technology which is used by teenagers to listen their favorite song. However it is producing some side effects because direct audio goes at your ears. If volume exceeding 90 decibels then you might be suffered from hear loss and hearing complication. In case you are using headphone or earphone frequently then you might suffer from some health issues such as

  • Ear infections
  • No air passage
  • Bad effects on brain
  • Life threatening accidents
  • Ear numbness
  • External threats

Now a day most of the headphone depictions your ears to the high decibel sound which might cause ear damage problems.

Health issues of using headphone

In a modern world most of the people are sharing their headphone with their family members or friends. If you are sharing your headphone with other then you might suffer from ear infections because bacteria from ears of the different people might effortless travel through the headphone so stop sharing headphone with others. Now a day most of the headphone is providing excellent audio experience but it comes with the health risks. According to the studies says that people who is using headphone or earphone might be felt numb ears. This kind of the numbness of hearing might be dangerous and it leads to the deafness. As everyone knows electromagnetic waves are mostly produced by the headphone or earphone which might cause serious dangers to your brain. If you are using headphone, bluetooth or earphone frequently then you might be suffered from brain related problems. Prolonger use of the earphone or listening to the music on high volume might lead to the ear aching. You might not only experience in the severe pain at your ear but also adjoining parts. In case you are using this headphone in excellent way then you might not suffer from side effects. Loudness measure is decibels and if you hear music at the restrained volume then you no need to worry. In case you hear music at highest volume then you might suffer from some health issues. Regular use of the headphone might enhance growth of the harmful bacteria. Buying most comfortable headphones is important one because it comes with amazing features and specifications. Headphone comes with the different kinds of the design, color, shape and size so choose the best one according to your requirements.

Efficient ways to prevent hearing damaging while using headphone

If you are looking to get rid of from the hearing damage when you use headphone then you must follow some effective tips

  • Try to avoid small earphone or headphone which is directly going into your ear canals. It is always better to use big headphone because it stays outside your ears.
  • You are always advisable to avoid share your headphone or earphone with others
  • Make sure that you could be changed rubber cover or sponge cover of your earphone or headphone once in a month.
  • You must not use headphone or earphone when you are travelling by train, car, metro and even walking.
  • When you use headphone or earphone frequently then you must avoid loud music.

Based on the research says that three types of the hearing damages are there such as sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss and mixed hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss might occur when conductive mechanism that transfers sound vibrations from the middle ear canal to the internal ear. Vast numbers of the symptoms are there when you suffer from hearing loss such as ringing or buzzing in ears, muffling of the speech and difficulty in understanding speech of the certain words. If you are suffering from severe hearing loss symptoms then you must immediately consult with your doctor such as drainage from ears, chronic or acute dizziness, discomfort or pain in ears and severe hearing loss from one ear. Whenever you experience any kinds of the hearing loss symptoms then you must lower music volume. Try to invest in the branded headphone so that you can prevent from hearing loss symptoms. Headphone is the amazing piece of technology so use it in right way.