How Premed Students Can Find a Research to Be Involved With?

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As one of the US’s best medical school admissions consulting agencies, “How can I become engaged with research?” is a common question we get from premed students.

Premedical research is an excellent way to learn about the scientifically-sound methods and demonstrate to medical schools that one can investigate scientific queries using critical thinking and empirical evidence.

With many premeds finding it difficult to get engaged in undergraduate research, this article offers advice on getting started and finding a lab that meets your needs! Give this a to see if our Medical School Admission Consulting Services expertise works to your liking, and then enroll with us to ensure you get admitted to the school of your choice. 

If you anticipate applying to medical schools within a year or two, you would definitely want to figure out all the extracurricular activities you’d need to stand out on the medical school application forms. Contacting your Med School Application Consultant could be of significant aid in times like this. 

Here are other time-tested ways to find the right research: 

  • Speak with Your Professors

Most of the professors that you may already be taking classes with may be involved in a research project of their own. By scheduling an appointment with them, you could ask them if they have any research opportunities available within that research lab. Be thoroughly articulate about why you want to be a part of that research study. 

  • Ensure to Consult with Your Pre Med Advisor University Research Centres 

If you go to a school with a on-roll premed advisor or a center dedicated to undergrad research, use these resources. Speak with your advisor, Medical School Admission Consulting Services, and come to a decision as to which of these research areas might interest you. The advisors in the center will provide you with a list of the professors open to taking on student interns. 

  • Ensure to Attend Journal Rounds & Research Meetings

Find out if the undergrad college you go to is formally associated with any medical school. Look through if there are avenues that are underutilized in terms of research, and go through that schedule to find research that may catch your eye and pique your interest. Most presenters tend to discuss their research during these journal rounds and meetings, and you can learn plenty from considering this aspect of your research to get into research of your choice. This is one way to ensure that you impress your faculty as well as the researchers to give you an opportunity to work with them. 

Suppose you consult well-known med school admissions consulting agencies about two years prior to your application process. In that case, they will guide you through all these tactics to go through before even applying and have plenty of extracurricular programs under your belt.