How To Choose A Solar Inverter in Australia like a Pro?

The first thing you’re going to come up against when looking at solar inverters is which of the dozens of brands available in Australia should you trust to put on your house well. The simplest way the solar experts know to advise you is to simply show you which brands. They trust the brands like ABB, SolaX, and Sungrow, all these brands they would be happy to have on your house. They personally like to pay a bit more for quality but all these inverter brands are well supported in Australia and should be fine at your house.

Now, what you might not realize is that the component of your solar system that is most likely to fail in the first 10 to 12 years is the inverter. So for that reason, if you have limited funds, you should go for a premium inverter over a really premium panel. That’s because like solar experts say, it’s most likely to fail in the first 10 to 12 years and you want to have a quality that’s a not as likely to fail and be if it does fail you’re going to get good service and they’re not going to quibble over the warranty and the more you pay that many hunters you have that, that’s going to happen.

Solar Inverter Warranties

Now what you probably don’t realize is that the standard warranty with a solar inverter is only five years. But there are plenty of brands that now offer 10-year warranties like they said this is the most likely components fail in the first years. So, go for a 10-year warranty. You might as well because they’re available on everything from the budget ones through to the premium solar inverters in Goldcoast. You may have to pay a couple of hundred dollars more for a 10-year warranty but it’s absolutely worth it in your opinion. So insist on a 10-year warranty with your inverter now let’s talk about microinverter. Microinverter is a special kind of teeny-tiny inverter where you put one little inverter on every panel. Why would you go for these?

Well, they have several advantages one, they optimize each panel individually. What you might not know is that with a conventional inverter where you have one inverter per solar system, if one panel gets shaded maybe a bird poops on it that drags down every other panel in the string to the same level so you lose power in all the panels. Imagine you’ve got a hose with water going through it someone stands on the hose in one place it reduces the flow in the entire hose and that’s what happens with the currents through all the solar panels. So someone invented micro inverters they optimized each panel individually. So if one panel gets wiped out by bird poop or the shade of trees or whatever, the others home along just fine. Other advantages of microinverter you get lower voltages on your roof. If you’re worried about high voltages on your roof micro inverters are safer.