How to move heavy furniture yourself?

Would not be it a great option to get professional help from house movers every time whenever you move? But it could be the case when you need to move by yourself without the help of the movers.

When it comes to moving by yourself, the most difficult for an individual is to move heavy furniture safely. It is almost impossible to move a couch without the help of anyone down the stair or uploading in the mover’s truck, you always need the help of professionals to do it effectively. Remember that you are not a bodybuilder nor you are expert in loading high weight items. Though, these steps to move heavy furniture can help you a lot.

Create a plan

First of all, take an inventory and discover the items that need to be loaded into on moving truck. Generally, heavy items have to be loaded on the sides of the bed of the truck to balance the load therefore, first heavy items have to be loaded on the truck and then fill out the gaps with the lightboxes to create the balance into the loading truck.

Prioritize the items that are bigger and heavier to load at first into the truck and then move with the lighter items. Creating a plan will save your efforts as well as time to rearrange all the items at first.

Gather all the equipment

There is a lot of equipment are helpful that are needed to have a successful move. You can rent or purchase these items. However, in case if you hire movers, they will bring the equipment with themselves and you don’t need to pay extra for this equipment.

Things you need to move heavy furniture!!!

  • Furniture sliders

Furniture sliders are must-have equipment to move heavier furniture on your own. Sliders are usually made up of plastics that are kept under the leg or corners of the heavier furniture. Mobile sliders reduce the friction, therefore, you can slide the furniture with ease.

  • Furniture dollies

Two types of furniture dollies are available that makes it possible to move heavier furniture. The first one is the four-wheeler square platform while the other is a two-wheeled hand truck. The two-wheeler truck has a smaller base as compare to the four-wheeler truck, therefore, two-wheelers are great for longer items. Use rope and moving straps to secure furniture during transportation.

Break furniture down into smaller possible parts

The more you can break furniture into parts, the easier it is to move the furniture. It means taking away all the removable parts from the furniture including legs, drawers and much more. If you are not getting the point, check screws attached on your furniture, remove those, your furniture will get divided into parts.

Don’t twist your body while you are carrying and lifting

Try to keep your body as still as you can. Avoid twisting and moving of body while you are lifting a heavyweight. Another point is that don’t let the furniture blocking your point of view. You should know where you are going to ensure the complete safety of you and furniture as well.

While moving heavy furniture on your own is an option, it is always the best to hire expert state to state movers to make it easy and stress-free.