How to Polish and Maintain a Marble Floor?

Polishing and maintaining a marble floor is one of the challenges many people face in this life. People tend to lack a clear way of cleaning and maintain the floors. Some of them even go ahead and hire other people who come and do shoddy works on their floors. These are people who can shorten the life of your marble floor. Before you even start calling someone to come to aid you, you need to find information that will help you understand if you have the right person doing that work. I am introducing to you iCleaning marble cleaning firm; a company that will help you polish and maintains your marble floor.
About the company
The company was established in 2011. It has been on the verge of delivering the best marble polishing and cleaning services. Its excellent and tremendous works have made gain a lot of reputation from most of the clients. It serves all the areas around Canberra, and no other company has dared to compete with it.
It relates very well with its customers, and that gives them better experiences. Customers always come back after enjoying the services provided. If you live in Canberra, make an effort of contacting its customer care support and you are guaranteed of total satisfaction. Customers love the company, and you should try being one of them.
Marble polishing and maintenance
Marble polishing and maintenance is a job that requires you to seek the services of a company that will do a perfect job. You don’t have to do this task. If you choose this company, you will get the best results. It is a company that first looks at the type of marble that is in your home.
The servicemen will first try to check if your marble is natural or cultured. They will conduct this exercise using either the temperature, acid, or scratch method.
If it is natural, they will start by removing all existing stains. Now that Marble is very porous,some liquids will drain in stone and are trapped. Juice, sauces, and wines will stain the marble surface. One is supposed to use damp microfiber cloths and warm water alongside some neutral detergents. You should then rub gently until the stain is cleared. You can then rinse thoroughly.
You can also find that there are stubborn stains. Chemical cleaning products are used to get rid of these stains. The company normally uses Sancitro. The latter is used, and a stiff bristled brush is used to remove the stains. You are supposed to ensure that you rinse the marble thoroughly to avoid any damages.
If you want to cater for the future, you can add sealants. Sealants will prevent all stains and offer protection to your marble surface. The company has experienced servicemen who will do that for you.
What to avoid
You should avoid using acids because they will damage your natural marble. Vinegar and lemon juice should never be used at all. Metal scrubbers should also not be used. In cultured marble, you not supposed to use acetone as it destroys the gel coating, which is the protector of the marble. If you have cultured marble, you should be extra careful to avoid damages and deep scratches. To avoid all that stress, try to seek the services of an awesome company like iCleaning.