Chinese New Year Gifts
We always want to gift our friends and family members in times of celebrations. These gifts will, in most cases, depend on the type of event or celebration that is in hand. For instance, we are almost starting to enjoy Chinese New Year celebrations. We want to share various gifts to our loved ones. Shevron is here to ensure that you provide the best gifts for your friends and formal mates.
Did you know?
Any gift that you provide to a friend or a family member always carries a deeper meaning. In Chinese culture, you will find that money is given in red envelopes. And you could wonder what does red mean.
Red is always a color of luck in Chinese culture. In this culture, you will find many products decorated in red, especially in the Chinese New Year. Another common color is yellow, and sometimes it’s substituted with gold. These are colors that signify loyalty and wisdom. So it is not a surprise to see a person giving you some money in a red or yellow envelope. These gifts are known as angpaos in Chinese and depict a big meaning and significance.
Where did it come from?
It all began in a Chinese story that talks about a couple that was old and 8 morals. The elderly couple had a son who was always terrorized by a demon known as Sui. One day during the Chinese New Year, they decided to wrap 8 coins with red papers under the pillow of their son aiming to care the demon off. It was unfortunate that the parents were not aware that the 8 coins represented the 8 morals, which would, later on, protect their child.
Apparently, among the Chinese, the word Sui Qian refers to lucky money which wards off evil. The Sui has pronunciation resembles that resembles the name of the demon. So, one can disguise it to be a charm that wades off demons.
Who should be given the red gifts?
These gifts can be given to the unmarried so that they can manage to find the right partners. Also, the gifts are given red gifts to wish them luck in their future. To some extent, if you are an adult, you can decide to send the gifts to the elders as a sign of appreciation and respect to them.
If you go to China, you will find the red gifts being shared from children to parents and from parents to children. The gifts can also be shared between people who are not from one’s families. They can be a great way of appreciating everyone who is around you during the Chinese New Year Festival.
The Year of Pig
According to the Chinese, we are also going to be going to the year of Pig. 2019 was going to be the year of the pig. If you are born in such a year, you expect to enjoy various incentives for luck. The prediction is given by giving gifts that have red packets and illustrations of piglets. If you want to buy such gifts, you should always seek to purchase the best and the latest trends.
Don’t just give gifts or money during the Chinese New Year ceremony. Enjoy that it’s wrapped in red or yellow wrapping. All these gifts can be bought on our website, and it’s upon you to decide the design and customization schemes that favor your loved one.