How to treat coloured hair

These days, colouring the hair has become a proper fashion statement. One often changes their natural hair colour to a vibrant and a different one to make it look even more stylish.
Burgundy on natural hair looks really good and it is the most commonly used colour because it suits in most hair styles and skin complexions.
But one should always remember that hair colour can make the hair more porous and it can absorb and release the moisture very easily. This can also cause some loss of colour molecules each and every time the hair gets wet. So, how to maintain the moisture in the hair when it is already coloured? Here are some tips to do that rightly:

  • Ask the hair colourist to use only professional hair colour which has good conditioning properties so that it can keep the hair safe. If the hair colour has natural oils then it will also help to retain that colour and make the hair healthy and shiny. One also needs to pick hair colours that are ammonia free.
  • If you choose to colour your hair red, then you should know that this particular colour tends to fade way faster because they have the largest molecules. It makes the colour very difficult to penetrate in the hair and they tend to dissipate more rapidly. So, one should always pick the high definition colour when it comes to red.
  • When one has coloured hair they need to wash their hair less often. This will help to retain the natural oils in the hair which will in turn retain the moisture of the hair. It is advised to shampoo only 2 to 3 times a week and not more when one has coloured hair. This will help the colour to last longer. On the other days, in order to keep the hair fresh one can add some dry shampoos on it to soak up the oil.
  • Once the colour is done one needs to wait for at least 48 hours before they shampoo their hair. If one can wait for 3 or 4 days, it can be even better as the colour gets more time to set.
  • The days when one does not shampoo their hair, then need to keep them dry even when they are taking a shower. One can wear a shower cap when they are taking a shower and it will shave the hair colour from regular running water.
  • Always shampoo in cold water or lukewarm water when one has coloured hair. If one goes for super hot water then it can leech of the dye from the hair and strip away the colour.
  • After every shampoo one needs to condition their hair properly and for that one needs to use a colour protection conditioner.

No matter what, one always needs to use ammonia free burgundy hair colour because they are safer to use and then never rip off the natural oils that comes out from the hair.