John Wick’s Quiet Love: Grant Talks Reeves

John Wick’s Quiet Love: Grant Talks Reeves

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At the recent Los Angeles Beverly Arts Icon Awards, Alexandra Grant spoke candidly about her relationship with Hollywood actor, Keanu Reeves

The pair, who made their debut as a couple at the 2019 LACMA Art and Film Gala, have largely kept their relationship out of the public eye.

Highlighting the mature nature of their bond, Grant mentioned the value of having established her own career before entering a relationship with Reeves. “The good news about falling in love as an adult is that I had built my own career by the time that my relationship had begun,” she said. 

This foundation gives her confidence both individually and alongside Reeves, describing their relationship as “interdependent and independent in the best ways.”

Delving deeper, Grant shared how their mutual creativity plays a pivotal role in their connection. “What I love about Keanu and our exchange is that we’re pushing each other to build new roads,” revealing the profound respect and inspiration they draw from one another.

She emphasized Reeves’ creativity, kindness, and dedication, labeling him as a significant source of inspiration.

While details about their relationship remain closely guarded, these recent remarks provide a rare glimpse into their shared world. Fans of Reeves, meanwhile, are looking forward to his next project, ‘Ballerina’ by Len Wiseman, set to release in 2024.