Key Parts of a Successful SEO Proposal

An SEO proposal is an essential part of the puzzle. Before any digital marketing agency lands a client, it has to show to the client how it will meet key campaign goals.

The purpose of an SEO proposal is to basically explain how the objectives and goals a client seeks will be met. This process usually involves a deep dive into the bare bones of SEO, analyzing and explaining topics related to keywords, content, and backlinks.

It is often the case that an SEO proposal falls flat with the clientele. This is due to a number of reasons. Many SEO professionals complain that even after a great presentation with incredible feedback, a proposal doesn’t necessarily lead to the deal being closed. This frustration is common in many digital marketing agencies.

In order to make sure situations like these do not arise, marketers must work on creating an SEO proposal that removes any doubts a client may have. Remember, the client is also looking for a solution to a problem as well. The client wants the proposal to be complete too so that he/she can move on to the next project.

In this article, we discuss how an SEO proposal can be improved to meet the goals of the client and the agency in question.

Present the Right Keywords

The client being shown the proposal is not necessarily a savant in SEO or digital marketing. He/she is likely to have normal concerns about the keywords being targeted according to the SEO proposal, such as their connection with the business and goals of the client.

An SEO proposal must be upfront in addressing all such doubts. Remember, the pure function of an SEO proposal is to remove any doubt a client might have about how a campaign would work.

In the case of keywords, this refers to explaining to the clients why certain keywords have been chosen.

A large part of this effort has to involve explaining to the client how other competitors have used keywords with the right search intent to their advantage.

Demarcate In-House and Outside SEO Visibility

Many clients tend to fear before hiring an outside SEO agency that the outside party will take credit for the traffic brought by in-house marketing efforts.

To make sure the client has no fears regarding this issue, clearly demarcate in-house and third-party SEO campaigns to make sure the impact of each is distinctly visible and estimable.

Set Gettable Objectives

One thing that every client fears is an SEO proposal setting foolhardy lofty goals that cannot possibly be reached. Thus, an SEO proposal must set a challenging but gettable objective to make sure the client can see a way the goal can be met.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three key parts of an SEO proposal a digital marketing agency must improve.

About The Author – Priya Arora is a marketing specialist and blogging guru with many years of experience under her belt. She currently plies her trade at, a well-known digital marketing institute in Delhi.

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