Know the different types of popularly used ladies tops

Women just love to enhance their wardrobe collations with their favorite apparels and accessories. Most of them prefer wearing designer clothes that helps them to make a strong statement as they venture out in the public or attend occasions. Wardrobe essentials such as the tops can be found in different designs and styles, to help match professional to casual occasions. Therefore, it will be useful to have a clear idea about the choice to be made. With several online portals offering tops of different types, patterns, colors and designs, making choice and shopping the desired one has become much easier and effortless. The right piece when purchased can perfectly complement personal style.
6 functional and versatile tops that feature in the well-stocked wardrobe

  • Silk blouses: These are considered to be extremely versatile, sexy and feminine. They are available in variety of color choices and any cut. The button down tops are available sleeveless, collarless or even with long sleeve so as to match the occasion, be it going out with friends, office event or Sunday brunch. Those eager to wear for casual elegance can find tops like silk or chiffon blouse, which are undeniable choices.
  • Peplum tops: They are in fashion and offer some amount of style, comfort and femininity, all combined together. It can be paired easily with any colored jeans and worn in professional or casual environment. It is also a wonderful top to be worn by curvy and petite women and appreciated for its capability to be forgiving and extremely versatile.
  • T-shirt: The striped or write t-shirt is slated to be the fashion mainstay among many wardrobes. They can easily worn throughout the year and are insanely versatile and not limited to being used casually only. The stylish t-shirt selected is sure to complement just about anything ranging from classic jeans to silky pants and sequined skirts. But t-shirts for women are different from that of men and are likely to feature more plunging necklines, cinched waists and close fitting design.
  • Lace tops: They can be worn easily with least jewels and accessories, to make the person to appear original and individual. It also is highly versatile and sure to work fabulously when worn with denim cutoffs. It can also be part of the work outfit when worn under the suit jacket. The style also may vary from embellished to classic look with long or short sleeves.
  • Sweatshirt: The slouchy sweatshirt can be termed to be a wonderful choice to relax during the weekends or for the dressing down days and not have to feel disheveled completely. They can be found in limitless styles and designs, including stripes, plains, eye catching prints and patterns. They are also excellent option during the cold winter to provide that extra warmth and to stay comfortable.

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