Mind-Blowing AI Photo Tricks on the Pixel 8: What’s New?

Mind-Blowing AI Photo Tricks on the Pixel 8: What's New?

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Experience exciting new abilities with the magic editor and audio Magic Eraser for Your Photos and Videos.

In a world saturated with tech gadgets, it’s rare to be truly amazed by a new product. However, Google’s latest unveiling of imaging features on its Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones left even the most skeptical reviewers in awe.

These features, known as the Magic Editor and Audio Magic Eraser, bring advanced photo and video editing capabilities to the masses. While these tools may seem familiar to those versed in Photoshop or video editing software, what sets them apart is their accessibility to anyone, which is both thrilling and, in some ways, disconcerting.

Magic Editor: Transforming Your Photos in a Snap

Building on the foundation of Magic Eraser, Google introduced Magic Editor, a tool that takes photo manipulation to a whole new level. In a live demonstration, Google showcased its ability to effortlessly cut out subjects from photos and seamlessly place them into different scenes, all while maintaining exceptional accuracy. 

Magic Editor also offers the power to adjust lighting conditions, turning harsh daylight photos into warm evening scenes with ease.

While this innovation opens up creative possibilities, it also raises concerns about the potential for manipulated images that distort reality. Google attempts to address this by noting the use of Magic Editor in image metadata, but the effectiveness of this safeguard remains uncertain.

Best Take: Perfect Group Photos, No More Closed Eyes

Best Take is a feature aimed at solving the age-old problem of group photos with closed eyes or distracted expressions. Google achieves this by analyzing multiple frames captured in quick succession when a photo is taken. 

It then selects the most suitable facial expression from the available frames and seamlessly replaces closed eyes with open ones. This feature is a powerful addition, especially for parents trying to capture the perfect family moment.

Audio Magic Eraser: Eliminating Unwanted Sounds

Audio Magic Eraser enhances Magic Eraser for audio, letting you remove unwanted sounds by isolating specific frequencies, like sirens or background noise, for a cleaner audio experience. Some limitations may apply to complex audio.

Video Boost: Enhancing Low-Light Videos

Pixel 8 Pro introduces Video Boost, a feature that significantly enhances video quality in low-light conditions and during high-action scenes. Videos shot with this feature can be sent to Google’s Cloud for processing, which improves stabilization, clarity, and reduces noise. 

The results are visually stunning, but users may need to wait for the processing to complete, depending on video length.

While these capabilities are not entirely new, their integration into a smartphone accessible to the masses is truly remarkable. 

The democratization of advanced editing tools, previously reserved for professionals, marks a significant step forward in mobile photography and videography.

Google’s Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones promise to redefine the boundaries of creativity and accessibility in photography and videography. 

These AI-powered features, coupled with Google’s commitment to enhancing user experiences, are sure to make waves in the world of tech.”