Nevada Judge Attacked: Defendant’s Outburst During Sentencing

Nevada Judge Attacked: Defendant's Outburst During SentencingIn a startling incident at a Clark County district court in Nevada, a judge was violently attacked by a defendant during sentencing, moments after the judge denied the defendant’s request for probation. 

The dramatic episode unfolded as Deobra Redden, facing sentencing for attempted battery with substantial bodily harm, and his attorney sought probation, citing efforts to turn his life around with a new job and plans for education.

Judge Mary Kay Holthus, however, read aloud Redden’s extensive criminal history, which included felonies, misdemeanors, domestic violence incidents, robberies, and attempted home invasion. Despite Redden’s attorney advocating for probation, Judge Holthus expressed her belief that it was time for him to face a different consequence given his troubled history.

In a sudden and shocking turn of events, Redden erupted with profanity, yelling, “F**k that b*tch!” and launched himself at the judge. He leaped over the bench, tackled Holthus to the ground, and assaulted her. The incident was captured on video, showing the chaos as others in the courtroom rushed to restrain Redden, who continued to lash out with punches and more profanity.

Judge Holthus sustained injuries during the attack, reportedly hitting her head. Despite being visibly shaken and experiencing some bruises, she returned to work the following day. The court marshal, who intervened to protect the judge, suffered a head injury and a law clerk was taken to the hospital for a hand abrasion. Both were later released.

Chief Judge Jerry Wiese expressed gratitude for those who bravely intervened during the attack and updated on the judge’s condition, mentioning that she remained sore and stiff. The court is now reviewing security protocols and implementing additional measures to enhance courtroom safety. Redden faces new charges, including seven counts of battery on a protected person and battery. The district attorney’s office plans to file additional charges based on evidence from the courtroom attack. Redden’s next court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday.