Pair up your exclusive apple watch with a Milanese apple watch band!

The Apple watch users are astounded by its new tweaks and features, along with painting up with Milanese apple watch band to set a style statement. The software installed in the Apple smartwatches is packed with brilliant features that will improve your experience and enhance your lifestyle and way of living. These extraordinary features include a handwashing detector, footstep counter, sleep tracker and numerous watch faces. Keep reading on know the lesser-known features of using the exquisite apple smartwatch:

Apple Watch can track your sleep

The sleep app on the Apple Watch monitors your sleeping hours and how well your sleep and also helps you to wrap up with your chores and get in bed on time. The sleep tracking app boosts and adds valuable information to the health tracker. If you are already an Apple Watch owner, you set up a sleep app on your watch and adjust your bedtime and a daily alarm to wake up. Additionally, you can also turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode while sleep to receive no other notifications. Your apple watch will switch to Sleep mode, and all the notifications will be paused until the alarm wakes you up. Furthermore, if you wish to check how long you slept right and how the sound was your sleep, keep wearing the watch while sleeping. Do not worry about battery draining, as you will get a dedicated notification to charge it.

Custom watch faces

Apple Watch allows the owners to create and share their watch faces, such as experimenting with various custom complication layouts and designs. Rather than spending a huge amount of time searching for watch faces and apps with complicated interfaces, you can access endless new faces that come with a list of apps to install and complete the look. After selecting your favourite arrangements, you can direct iMessage to developers. Developers create a direct link to their watch faces to install and add the face watch by completing direct links to download those apps. Additionally, you can also share your self-created watch face. Open the Watch app on your iPhone to see your watch faces and tap the share button to get the list of places you can share your watch face.

Hand Wash Countdown 

This feature of the apple watch has proved to be extremely useful, especially amid the ongoing pandemic. It automatically detects if you are washing your hands in regular intervals of time, and if not, it encourages you to go for a complete 20 seconds hand wash. The audio and motion sensor of the Apple Watch makes sure that you start washing hands with a haptic pressure when the timer begins and stop washing when the timer ends. Your apple watch will prompt you to keep going, however, you can dismiss the alert if you are done.  

Monitors your Heart rate

Your overall body health can be determined by monitoring how your heart is doing. You can detect your heart rate and recovery rate throughout the day while resting, sleeping, walking, or doing a vigorous workout. The heart rate app on your apple watch shows the current heart rate, resting rate, and walking average rate and continues to measure it as long as it is on your wrist. Wearing an Apple Watch that monitors heart rate and makes you look sporty when paired with a Milanese loop apple watch band. Moreover, if you are style-conscious, you can also go for a leather apple watch band which can be carried to the gym, workplace, or outing. 

Become an apple watch owner and witness its innumerable benefits!