How to Select the Perfect Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushions for Your Use

There are so many reliable manufacturing companies, which are always ready to offer top-notch quality pressure relief wheelchair cushions to the needful users. A good cushion should provide pressure relief to people who sit on a wheelchair for long hours. They have a wide variety of cushions, designed to match individuals and their uses. If you are at risk of skin breakdown or you get overheated easily, then these wheelchair cushions might save the day!
They will ensure optimal comfort, which you have been looking for. Before you get right into the cushions and purchase the one you like, you have to select the best one matching your requirements. For that, following some points might help you to pick up the best product among the lot.
Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushions
Shaped up wheelchair cushion
These types of cushions are mainly designed for individuals, who are moderately to a high risk of undergoing skin breakdown. It is going to combine the polyurethane and Visco foam or gel. This gel is going to work together with the polyurethane foam, which helps in reducing friction or shear, which can otherwise lead to potential pressure ulcer. Furthermore, these types of cushions will come with lateral support and some Ischia, to add more of a comfort level and assist in offloading the bony prominences.
Going for the foam cushions
If you are aiming to buy foam based pressure relief wheelchair cushions, then you are practically going for the basic one. These cushions are mainly ideal for those wishing to add simplicity without costing much. There are some cushions which are associated with single density. However, the market has others, which come with contoured base with multiple foam layers. These cushions are primarily designed for enhancing positioning and pressure management. These forms of foamy cushions are best suitable because of their low cost and maintenance. Not only that but these cushions come handy with stable seating surface and low to mid ranging positioning. It is also light in weight.
Go for the air cushions
As you can understand from the name itself, these pressure relief wheelchair cushions are mainly filled up with air. By just adjusting the pressure of air, the firmness of the cushion can be well adjusted and in no time. These types of air cushions are mainly used for reducing stability and also positioning when compared to the foam option. In terms of pressure relief, the air cushions are the best ones so far. The products are light in weight and come with low maintenance and adjustable firmness.
Viscous fluid ones
Whenever you are planning to invest money on pressure relief wheelchair cushions, you have to get along with the features before making a choice. Sometimes, you can invest on the relief cushion which has viscous fluid in it. This medium helps in providing variable envelopments, based on the container it is in. this form of cushion comprises of good thermal elements and comes with lower shear risk.  Fluid is well displaced whenever the user sits. That means it can flow away from areas for extra protection like bony prominences.
Go through the variations
If you log online, you will be mesmerized with so many types of pressure relief wheelchair cushions, waiting for you to grab. Go through each one of them, check out the features involved and choose the one matching your needs the most. The cost is within your pre-set rates of course. You should only purchase a good quality wheelchair cushion because it can make difference between independence and limitation.