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How has Data Analytics Changed the Finance Sector and What to Expect?

How has Data Analytics Changed the Finance Sector and What to Expect?

Gone are those days when the accountants used to hover around the calculations machines. By the way, things are doing now, duties and tasks of the modern-day accounting professionals may well be taken over by advanced technology. We can see how big data and data science is changing every industry, and finance is no exception. With many advanced technologies coming over the conventional methods of finance administration, we can expect such things to take over every sort of financial services and revolutionize the industry. Big data and data analytics are largely consuming a major chunk of the financial duties in corporate sector, while defining some others by reinventing the conventional role of an accountant into a more advanced and modernized profession, who tend to rely more on analytics...

Data Analytics is widening the Path for Fourth Industrial Revolution

A revolution is marked by a stark change in the determining factors in the industry. Keeping that in mind you can look at the world right now and realize that the determining factors are changing faster than ever. This implies that the fourth Industrial Revolution is near and we better be ready to embrace the changes. What has changed? The changes are manifold : the key skill sets, key areas of concern, the way of engaging the customers, all of these have changed in the last few years. The central pivot in this change is definitely the technological developments regarding big data analytics. I could have said AI but, the concepts of AI and its benefits have been there for a long time. But the accessibility, availability and abundance of data and the computational capacity to streamline and...