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What to see and do in Jaipur our advice.

Here are our favorite but also must-see tours in Jaipur, a must-see when traveling in the Rajasthan region. We have voluntarily started with many sequences shot in the street; just too really immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the streets and the colors of the markets and shops of the pink city. And Now, Place For Advice for Future Travelers Wishing to Visit Jaipur. Tips for visiting the Wind Palace (Hawa Mahal - Wind Palace) The impressive facade of the Palace of the Winds is one of the most popular attractions in Jaipur. Building dating from the eighteenth century, we advise you to climb on one of the terraces located opposite to have the best view. Then, also visit the interior of the Palace of the Winds. Indeed, the Palace of the Winds is one of the wonders of Rajputs architec...