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The Significance of Used Turf Equipment in Golf Course Maintenance

An average golf course of 18 holes occupies around 160 to 200 acres of land. It is a broad landmass that needs adequate maintenance. The turf of a golf course is the center of attraction because of its uniform trimming and greenery. This is not just meant for enhancing the overall appearance but also necessary for playing comfortably. You may have seen manual hand-driven mowers to trim the grass of gardens and public parks. These equipment are not capable of…

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Determine the Quality of Golf on Your Golf Course

The quality of a golf player's skills depends on how an eye perceives it. Various geographical factors fall into judging the quality of golf in a particular field. Many projects have been conducted in order to understand the quality of golf and how dependent it is on the elements comprising a golf course. The outcome was that they came to know about what golf players actually want from a field. Now, a golf course covers the largest area when compared…