The Significance of Used Turf Equipment in Golf Course Maintenance

An average golf course of 18 holes occupies around 160 to 200 acres of land. It is a broad landmass that needs adequate maintenance. The turf of a golf course is the center of attraction because of its uniform trimming and greenery. This is not just meant for enhancing the overall appearance but also necessary for playing comfortably. You may have seen manual hand-driven mowers to trim the grass of gardens and public parks. These equipment are not capable of handling the large area of a golf course. You need a fast machine that can perform the mowing job with utmost precision. A golf course is divided into five major parts including:- 

  1. Tee
  2. Fairway 
  3. Rough 
  4. Green 
  5. Hazard

Apart from hazards, all four areas need mowing that too with different types of equipment. The equipment for maintaining a golf course are very expensive, especially when you buy a new model. Buying the complete fleet of maintenance equipment may go out of your budget. Certified used equipment sellers are the solution to this problem. This article has some information in points signifying the need for used turf equipment. 
Major reasons to buy used golf course equipment

  • Budget-friendly

As mentioned above, the new models of turf maintenance equipment such as mowers, blowers, dethatchers or aerators are very expensive. Buying them all together in new conditions is not always possible. If you are running out of available budget, go with the option of used turf equipment for sale. Used equipment can save you thousands of dollars to utilize for buying other important accessories. 

  • Occasional use 

We require some equipment for golf courses occasionally such as blower, aerator and vacuum. Buying them as refurbished is not going to affect your turf maintenance job. You need them but on an occasional basis. The old equipment you are going to buy was also used for a few hours only. Thus; their internal parts remain new and last much longer than your expectations. 

  • Reseller warranty

Quality assurance is the biggest concern with used turf equipment. If you are investing in expensive machinery, it must work fluently for a long time without requiring service. An authorized reseller gives you 3-4 months limited warranty on the internal parts of used turf machinery. 
Things to consider while buying used turf equipment

  • Total hours of use 

Make sure that the seller is mentioning the exact running hours on their website. The cost of used turf equipment varies on the basis of their physical condition as well as total hours. Try to find an equipment that was used for a minimum time period. 

  • Written warranty 

Make sure that the agency is providing a written warranty for all products including all terms & conditions. Never trust a used equipment seller on verbal commitments. Used machinery is prone to malfunctioning specially when you are unaware of its previous owner. 

  • Availability of attachments and spare parts 

Check the manufacturing year of the model before purchasing. You must be aware of this fact that it is very hard to find spare parts and attachments of discontinued models. 

  • Reliability of website 

Check the ranking and rating of website if you are buying equipment from the online seller. Dealing in used products always involves some degree of risk. If you are randomly selecting any website without checking its previous track record, the consequences can be horrible. 
Choosing used turf machinery for sale is a wise decision to an extent when you know a reliable seller. Also, try to prefer used turf equipment that you need on an occasional basis.