The Beatles’ Final Single ‘Now and Then’:AI-Assisted Transformation

The Beatles' Final Single 'Now and Then':AI-Assisted Transformation

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The Beatles’ “Now and Then,” considered their final single, faces an undeniable challenge of living up to classics like “Let It Be” or “Strawberry Fields Forever.” 

Originating as a simple John Lennon demo from the late ’70s, it has been transformed into a full-band production.

Notably, the song’s backstory is as captivating as the music itself. In the mid-’90s, the band began enhancing the track, even with a guitar part contributed by George Harrison posthumously. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) played a key role in cleaning up Lennon’s demo. However, “Now and Then” remains a heartfelt, albeit straightforward piece, serving as a bittersweet conclusion to their legendary career