The Benefits of An SSL Certificate For Your Website

As the internet evolves, newer methods emerge for offering websites better protection. With the improvement in technology, the tactics of cybercriminals are also on the rise. Over the years, different organizations have been trying to make the web a safe place for users. An SSL certificate is one of the ways to offer security to website owners. Let’s have a look at the benefits of an SSL certificate for your website.

SSL Certificate; What is it?

Secure sockets layer certificates or SSL for short have been available for quite a while now. Having this certificate makes sure that your website visitor’s sensitive data is transferred using a secure network only. It is a way to get security for your online communications with an encrypted connection. You can buy SSL certificate to secure your website as well.

The Benefits of an SSL Certificate for Your Website

Here are a few of the benefits of having an SSL certificate.

1.    SSL Protects the Data of Your Customers

In the competitive market of today, data of the customers is important for the organization and one thing that cannot be compromised. The SSL certificate helps to secure this data transiting between the browser and the server. Simply, this certificate keeps the customer data secure and private, protecting it from skimmers and hackers by converting it into an undecipherable format.

2.    Helps Achieve a Better SEO Ranking

With the recent Google algorithm updates, in 2014l HTTP was announced by Google as a ranking signal. Getting an SSL certificate makes your site secure with the browsers showing a Pad Lock, an indicator, or trust in your address bar. This trust indicator can help increase traffic to your website and will therefore also increase the SEO ranking.

3.    Improves the Trust of Your Customers

Another benefit of having the SSL certificate is that you will gain the trust of your customers and visitors. With the security Padlock displayed in the address bar, your website visitors will know that your connection is secure and will help them know that their privacy is being valued. This helps you get increased customer trust.

4.    SSL Helps You Fill the DSS/PCI Requirements

If you are aware of online payments, you’d have an idea about the DSS/PCI requirements. Your website needs to have a PCI compliant to receive payments online. Having an SSL certificate is among the 12 necessary requirements that the PCI, the payment card industry has set. So having an SSL certificate helps you fulfill that requirement.

5.    SSL Protects Your Website From Phishing and Such Attacks

With the user base increasing, there is an increased risk of attacks like MITM, Phishing attacks, etc. Having an SSL certificate helps you secure your website from such attacks.


An SSL certificate is a great way to secure your website not just for yourself but also for your visitors. With a secure website, visitors feel like they can trust you because they know their safety is valued. If you don’t have an SSL certificate yet, it’ll be best to get one to secure your website.