There’s No Place Like A Comfortable Home

There's No Place Like A Comfortable Home
Selective focus image of Persian silk rugs

Your home is your castle, your refuge from the busy world where you can truly relax and be yourself. We spend more time there than anywhere else, and as the old Oz saying goes, “There’s no place like home!” That being the case, it’s only logical that we want our homes to be the most comfortable place possible, with all the features that make us feel good. We also want our homes to be a reflection of who we are, both to remind ourselves and to show any visitors a reflection of our ideal selves. Unfortunately, sometimes things in our homes aren’t always as nice and comfortable as we may desire them to be, and we find ourselves wanting to make some home improvements. That is actually a positive thing, so let’s think about some of the best steps we can take to make ourselves really feel at home in the best possible way!

Let’s start from the bottom up with the floor. The floor takes the most abuse of any surface in your home, with people constantly walking on it! Older floors made of materials like linoleum tend to become cracked and uncomfortable to walk on in sensitive bare feet. Carpeting gets worn out over the years, to the point where one can see tracks in the places that see the most traffic, plus they become dirty and matted, making even a deep cleaning a bit like polishing a lump of coal- it’s still ugly even when it’s clean. It’s time to do something, and we have a great idea that is sure to please both your bare feet and your eyes, wool carpet flooring! Wool from lovely, fluffy sheep raised by our neighbours to the south is one of nature’s most durable and comfortable materials! Wool is naturally moisture resistant so it can handle a spill, and nothing feels better than soft, warm wool under those tired feet after a long day standing on them! Wonderful wool carpeting is a great place to start making your home its very best.

These days a lot of people are inclined to go DIY on home improvement projects, which is great for those so inclined that have the time and the talents to make it happen. But for those of us with demanding, time-consuming jobs and loads of other responsibilities, taking on such a major task is a bit too much! So, why not call in some help? Consider consulting with an interior design service before you break out your elbow grease. Their experts can use the latest in 3D modelling technology to create a replica of your home where you can change the colour of the walls, add new fixtures, hang art up, and move the furniture around without lifting more than a finger!

Be sure to check with the government for any licenses that may apply. Good luck making your home the place you want to tap your heels and teleport back to, there’s no place like it!