Things You Should Know Before Moving to Australia

You would be exonerated for supposing that moving to Australia would be comparatively flawless with respect to ‘cultural integration’. You should remember that it’s an English speaking country. There are a lot of things you need to know if you are thinking of moving to Australia. Here are some top tips on moving to Australia!

  1. It’s HOT!

Though the country is famous for its stunning summers, you should not take too lightly just how hot it becomes over here, as even coastal cities such as Melbourne and Sydney become incredibly hot.

  1. Have a drink!

Drinks are very much loved by the Aussies, and on a hot summer’s day they consume it like water. Of course you can definitely avoid alcoholic drinks if you want, look forward to at any rate some humorous teasing if you do.

  1. Coffee is ruler

When it is not a cold drink Aussies are enjoying, coffee is the next best thing. And coffee is a serious thing here. Strong, good coffee is a kind of religion here.

  1. Get into a chat

Aussies are very social people and they love to talk about anything. They seldom miss a chance to say ‘hi’ to a stranger out there, and they are extremely fond of getting glued to a nice long chat.

  1. All Aussies were born equal

This country is egalitarian and people do not care about your salary or background. You should accept generosity but repay in good time. And you may sit up front in your taxi if you are comfortable with that – taxi drivers don’t like to be treated as chauffeurs.

  1. Dark humour

Unlike typical British wit which is either dry or slapstick, Aussies make theirs dark and sarcastic. It’s like mild self-mockery here, which is surprising to many.

  1. Regarding Kiwis

Australians get along extremely well with New Zealanders. While Aussies definitely take pleasure in teasing Kiwis, and vice versa, they are inclined to close ranks quite fast against a common ‘enemy’, specially the English or Americans.

  1. Go bananas

In Australia banana bread is on daily breakfast menu. Try to love it. Learn to bake it yourself. It will be a nice way to make friends, isn’t it?

  1. Sport is God

Australians are very fond of sports –all sports, any sports, irrespective of whether people play them in Australia or not. Football, cricket and soccer games frequently attract crowds over 40,000 people.

  1. Lots of football

Football just connects to the world game, otherwise called soccer – but not down here in Australia. Here you have numerous types of football, frequently shortened to footy, none of which relate to soccer.

  1. Greetings

‘Hi, how are you?’ and ‘Hi, how are you going?’ are standard informal greetings in Australia, like ‘how’s it going?’ or ‘are you okay?’ in the UK. These do not stand for actual questions that need positive answers. Just say ‘hi’ back.
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