Tips To Book Cheap Flight Tickets Online

Who likes to pay extra for flight tickets? No one! But finding the best airfare online is not a cakewalk. However, there are some simple ways you can save big on your airfare. So, if you are ready to bid adieu to high air ticket prices and save money every time you travel, here is a list of the most effective ways to book cheap flight tickets online. Read on! 

Book in Advance

Airfares tend to rise as the travel date approaches. The sooner you book, the more you save. As soon as your destination and travel dates are fixed, you can make your flight bookings. Experts believe that one must book flight tickets up to four weeks in advance to find a good deal. You can also wait till the eleventh hour to grab last-minute flight deals. But then you run the risk of seat unavailability. 

Compare, Compare, Compare

Laziness can cost you big when it comes to online flight booking. Check airfares on at least three OTAs. This will also give you a chance to know about the various airlines available on your route and the plethora of flight booking offers you can choose from. Remember to search thoroughly. Websites like HappyEasyGo also have app-exclusive offers. So, simply by downloading an app on your smartphone, you can enjoy additional savings. 

Fly with an LCC

This one is a no-brainer. If you are traveling domestically on a short trip, why pay extra for services you would barely use or require? Therefore, instead of flying with a full-service airline, you can book your air tickets with a low-cost carrier (LCC). LCCs are known to offer the lowest airfares by cutting back on services like in-flight entertainment, free baggage allowance, etc. 

Be Flexible 

If you plan to travel on a particular date, at a specific time and with a certain airline, you might have to shell out a little extra money. However, if you can be flexible with these things, you can save a few bucks. For instance, red-eye flights that take off late at night and arrive early in the morning are usually available at a lower price than other options. 

Keep your Searches Secret

Do you often find prices rising when you repeatedly search for flights? Well, it is not only because airfare rise with approaching travel date, but also because of browser cookies. OTAs increase fare when they see you searching persistently, thinking you would book right away, anticipating a further surge in prices. A simple way out is to search in the incognito mode on your internet browser. 


If you are a frequent traveler, subscribing to newsletters of various airlines and OTAs can help you know about the latest offers and discounts. You can visit their website and sign-up for their daily/weekly/monthly newsletters in a just a few clicks. 

Besides these, you can also check the fare calendar to know about the cheapest day to fly. With these simple hacks, you are sure to save a lot of money on your flight tickets.