Top 3 Quick-Fixes to Make Your Hair Look More Manageable!

If we talk about today’s hairstyle trends, women are more likely to embrace their own hairstyle instead of changing them to some other with heating tools. As we know, heating tools can not only make your hair to fall, but also damages it. Women who have silky straight hair are indeed blessed!
What about those who have curly, wavy, and frizzy hair? Sometimes no hot tool, products, and love & care work to put an end to stubborn frizz and unmanaged hair. So, we have outlined the top three quick fixes that will make you work or party ready within a few minutes:
Messy Bun in One Minute!
A messy bun is the most popular and one of the best hairstyles when you are on the go! As the name suggests, this look does not require much effort to make it neat and looks exceptionally stunning as well. Women with long hair can easily create this look. 
But how we can forget our short-hair ladies! So hair weaves like 3 Bundles Virgin Brazilian Human Hair with Closure, are going to work flawlessly in order to achieve long, shiny and lustrous hair. Here’s how you can create a messy bun hairstyle with your hair weaves on:

  • Take all your hair as if you are going to make a ponytail, and tease them together, creating a bun shape.
  • Secure your bun with transparent elastic. 
  • No worries if some strands left out, you can secure them bobby pins, and to further fix the bun.
  • You can pull out some small hair strands at the front of your face, and keep with that loose and relaxed look. 
  • Well, this is optional, but you can add some hairspray to keep it in place.

There you go!  The perfect messy bohemian look is ready. 
The Half-Up and Half-Down Hairstyle
If you are considering a hairstyle that compliments your curly hair, this one is the solution for you!  Take a top section of your hair, create a messy bun and secure it with bobby pins, and leave the remaining hair open. This one does not only look trendy but also manages your hair and prevents frizz. 
Bonus hair tip: Next time when you need to tame down those irritating flyaways or frizz, use a good quality serum, or even Coconut Oil is an incredible alternative. 
Take a tiny bit of serum or oil on your hands, run it all over on the length of your hair. This will prevent unmanageable hair and seal in that shine.
A Classic Braid
This is yet again a very trendy hairstyle that you can create easily, even if you are in a rush. Also, if you have short hair, curly hair weaves are great to help you achieve this look. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Comb your hair out to remove tangles. 
  • Take three even sections of your hair, and start tying them together, making it a braid. 
  • Tie the ends of your hair with a clear elastic. And voila, you are ready to go!
  • Feel free to take out small chunks of your hair at the front to frame your face. 

Apart from the above easy-breezy hairstyles, you must take good care of your hair to control the frizz in the long run. Avoid using too much heating tools, however, if in case it demands; don’t forget to use heat protection spray. Give some moisture to your hair with conditioners and leave-in creams, as it works great!