Why Should You Use RBL Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator?

RBL Bank is constantly pushing towards excellent customer servicing by helping many achieve their personal aspirations and needs through personal loans. Available at flexible and attractive interest rates, RBL Bank Personal Loan is increasingly becoming the choice of the customers.
Since you are given enough time counting up to 5 years, the EMI repayment goes easy to your pocket. But what about the overall payment that you would end up doing over the course of a loan tenure? A valid question, isn’t it? To know the answer, you need to crack the nut of RBL Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator. So, if you want to do so, read the article further down.
How Does Interest Rate Impact the Function of RBL Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator?
The bank charges an interest rate of 14.50%-23% per annum on its personal loan offers. Now, the interest rate influences the function of the EMI calculator significantly. The EMI would be on the higher side with a greater interest rate and vice-versa. So, you should look for a loan offer at a lower RBL Bank Personal Loan interest rate to reduce the overall cost of borrowing.
The decision of rate setting would depend pretty much on the income and credit score you may be having. So, if you have a healthy income, RBL Bank would be convinced about your repayment potential, further transpiring in an affordable rate deal to you. At the same time, the credit score must be 750 and above to get an attractive interest rate deal, which could help lower down the borrowing cost.
Show Discretion in Choosing Tenure to Keep a Lid on the Interest Outflow
A long tenure is often the call of the most because it keeps the EMI amount down. But ignoring the pitfalls of interest outflow, which can be the case with a long tenure, would hit your financials hard. But having said that, a shorter tenure could let the EMI jump beyond your comfort at the same time.
So, a fair amount of discretion needs to be applied on to choose a tenure that not only lowers down the overall outflow of interest but also keeps the EMI affordable. A relatively shorter tenure should be your call. So, if RBL is offering you 5 years, go for 4 years to keep both EMI and interest in check.
Should You Use Savings to Cut Down The Loan Requirement?
Even as you may be eligible for the loan amount you apply for, it won’t be any harm to use some of your savings to cut down the loan requirement. The reduced loan would lead to a decrease in the EMI amount as well as the interest outgo over the course of a loan tenure.
RBL Bank Personal Loan Application Form
The moment you are done with the due diligence related to interest rate, EMI calculation and their possible impacts on your budget, you should apply. As far as application modes are concerned, you can choose from both online and offline applications. All that you need to do is to enter a few personal and professional details and submit the application for the bank to process your case further.