Using the PoE Switch for PoE IP Camera Systems

A switch provides the power source and data connection for IP camera system using network cables such as Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6. The 8-Port Network switch is one of the most popular switches for the simple IP camera system. The manageable switch is used for IP security cameras guaranteeing the security of people and companies is a very common behavior. Generally, for different IP camera systems, switches with different ports are implemented.

Why is the Switch used for wireless camera system?

When it comes to adopting technology, some users may think that it is unnecessary to buy a PoE switch with a relatively high price. A PoE injector can also feed IP cameras and save more space.

Simple administration at low cost

Today, PoE manageable switches have become the new trend. The most advanced PoE manageable switches allow the feeding function in each camera to be controlled remotely from any point of the IP camera systems. This allows administrators to restart any PoE IP camera that does not respond without having to go to the location of the camera, saving costs and labor.

Use of long runs

IP cameras can be installed anywhere, even in the most remote places, simply by connecting them to a PoE switch. The transmission distance of a PoE IP camera can reach up to 100m when using a Cat5e cable. If long runs are required, PoE repeaters may be required.

Resistance against power failures

In general, all IP cameras work with a single source (the PoE switch). Therefore, the connection of a central UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to the PoE switch can guarantee continuous monitoring in case of power failure.

Selection of the PoE Gigabit Switch

Gigabit PoE switches come in configurations of 5, 8, 10, 16, 24, 28, 48, and 52 ports. These ports can be a combination of SFP / SFP + slots for fiber connectivity, but more commonly they are copper ports with RJ45 connectors in the front, allowing distances of up to 100 meters. With fiber SFP modules, you can travel distances of up to 40 kilometers.

How do you connect the PoE switch to IP camera systems?

An IP surveillance system consists of a PoE switch, IP camera, network video recorder (NVR), and Cat5e or Cat6 cabling. Among them, the PoE switch can transmit data and provide power for other devices. Before using the PoE switch for IP surveillance, it is better that we are familiar with the Ethernet switch.


The Gigabit switch makes the surveillance installation simpler, safer and cheaper. If you decide to build an IP video surveillance system, be sure to select a suitable PoE switch for a reliable IP video surveillance system. In general, an 8-port Network switch can satisfy almost everything that requires small IP surveillance.