Ways to Organize Your Toddler’s Closet: An Ultimate How-to Guide

Ways to Organize Your Toddler’s Closet: An Ultimate How-to Guide

As your baby grows and progresses through diapers, you may notice that the number of clothes in your nursery quickly increases. When they are toddlers, you realize that a mess will be made in their closet sooner rather than later. Keeping order in the toddler closet can be a challenge, but it is possible.

When you prefer toddler clothes from The Trendy Toddlers, you may find yourself with plenty of excellent clothing items at some point. Then, the issue of their proper organization and storage arises by itself. This article contains easy-to-follow and practical recommendations to help you always keep your toddler’s clothes in order.

Why Does a Toddler’s Closet Get Disorganized Easily?

Every toddler should have a personal closet. In that way, you show them you respect their individuality and personal boundaries. Even though it may not be full of clothes, it can get messy and disorderly very quickly. There are several reasons for that.

  1. Closet size.

A small closet can make it stressful for parents to arrange their kids’ clothes properly. When deciding on the size of a closet, it’s a good idea to consider how many clothes you will store in it. But when you have a toddler, that ruins all plans as they grow fast. Clothes that fit perfectly yesterday may be too small today, making them nothing more than closet clutter.

  1. Many identical clothes.

Your child often gets confused when they can’t find the right outfit because they have so many similar outfits. It could take them longer to pick the right clothing piece than it should.

  1. Toddlers love to play.

Whether your toddler loves to turn their closet into a playhouse or plays a dress-up game, that will definitely lead to a mess inside.

Nevertheless, your child’s closet must be neat and clean, so your child has a place to put all their clothing when getting dressed. There are some wonderful methods to keep it organized. 

Tips to Have the Perfect Closet Organization 

Whatever the reason, if there’s still a mess in your toddler’s closet, you definitely want to get rid of it. You can easily organize your kid’s closet by following the simple tricks below.

Tip #1: Use Dividers and Bins

Dividers can separate garments into categories, like pants, shirts, skirts, etc. It’ll be quicker to find the appropriate clothes then. You can also put clothing bins on shelves in the closet and smaller ones inside the dresser drawers.

When it comes to organizing smaller items like kids’ seamless socks, gloves and scarves, consider using a designated bin or section within a drawer. This will ensure these essential items are easily accessible while maintaining overall closet organization.

Tip #2: Purchase an Underwear Bag.

If you have a ton of toddler underwear, consider putting them in their place. An underwear bag is a perfect option. Put underwear in it, and you’ll create more space inside the closet.

Tip #3: Add a Shoe Rack

Is your child’s closet too small for drawers, or does it have a limited number of shelves? A shoe rack will resolve the issue, as you can remove all the shoes from the closet.

Tip #4: Put Away Off-Season Clothes

Divide clothes by seasons. Try storing winter clothing on the upper shelf in the summer and vice versa. If your toddler isn’t going to wear particular clothes in the current season, put them out of sight so as not to make it hard to reach other garments.

Tip #:5 Revise Closet Items Regularly

Take this point as a rule. Revision is mandatory to find clothing items that are already in poor condition or don’t fit. If the garments are still in good shape and you have multiple kids, then feel free to hold on to them for the younger ones. Outgrown clothing in good condition can also be donated.

Tip #6: Teach Toddlers to Maintain Orderliness

Sticking to orderliness is a crucial skill like any other. Children learn best by observing and imitating. If you intentionally teach your toddlers to keep their clothes in order, they will grow up to be orderly, even if it takes them a while. That trait will serve them well in a variety of situations in the future.

Coming to the Upshot

Organizing a toddler’s closet can be a lot of fun if you know how to do it. If your toddler closet’s current organization just isn’t working, take some time to go through it again, get rid of the things you won’t use any longer, and organize the ones that stay. When it comes to the toddler’s closet, the above methods should always help you keep the chaos at bay!