Week 2 NFL Report Card: Cowboys Impress with an ‘A’ in Dominant Victory over Jets, While Raiders Struggle with an ‘F’ in Lopsided Defeat to Bills

Week 2 NFL Report Card: Cowboys Impress with an 'A' in Dominant Victory over Jets, While Raiders Struggle with an 'F' in Lopsided Defeat to Bills

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The NFL Week 2 report card is here, and as always, Week Two of the season holds significant importance, especially for the 0-1 teams. Ideally, a team’s season should not kick off with a 0-1 record; instead, it’s preferable to have a 0-2 start. Since the expansion to 14 teams in 2020, only 4.3% of teams (1 out of 23) have managed to stage a comeback from an 0-2 start and secure a postseason spot.

The scenario is not looking great for the Bemgals, Patriots and Chargers, these teams are now 0-2 after losing on Sunday. Interestingly, the Bengals were the one team that previously managed to bounce back from an 0-2 start and make it to the playoffs, so they’ll need to summon that magic once more.

Speaking of remarkable turnarounds, both the Giants and the Commanders showcased some magic in Week 2. The Giants made their largest franchise comeback, erasing a 28-7 deficit to secure a thrilling 31-28 victory over the Cardinals. Meanwhile, the Commanders beat the Broncos by 35-33.

The Giants’ triumph saved them from joining the 0-2 club. Unfortunately, several other teams weren’t as fortunate. Alongside the Patriots, Chargers, and Bengals, the Texans, Cardinals, Broncos, and Bears also find themselves at an 0-2 start following Sunday’s losses. Additionally, the Vikings joined the 0-2 ranks after a Thursday defeat. While it may seem premature to count out these 0-2 teams, historical data suggests otherwise.

Here are some key points regarding the grade card

  • Cowboys dismantled the Jets 30-10, while the Bills crushed the Raiders 38-10.
  • The Giants overcame a 28-7 deficit to beat the Cardinals 31-28, and the Commanders rallied from 21-3 down to edge the Broncos 35-33.
  • The 49ers showcased versatility in a 30-23 win over the Rams, while the Ravens played complementary football to secure a 27-24 win over the Bengals.
  • The Colts impressed with a 31-20 victory over the Texans, and the Dolphins relied on their ground game to defeat the Patriots 24-17.
  • The Eagles capitalized on turnovers to win 34-28 against the Vikings.
  • The Seahawks won in overtime 37-31 against the Lions, and the Titans secured an overtime victory over the Chargers 27-24.
  • The Packers lost 25-24 to the Falcons despite a strong start.
  • The Jets struggled against the Cowboys, and the Patriots couldn’t seal the deal against the Dolphins. The Vikings faced turnovers in their loss to the Eagles, and the Broncos made questionable decisions in their defeat to the Commanders.
  • Cardinals’ second-half meltdown: The Cardinals suffered a second-half meltdown against the Giants.
  • Texans’ resilience: The Texans showed resilience but fell short against the Colts.

So,Week 2 in the NFL offered a mix of impressive wins, stunning comebacks, and challenges for various teams.