What Are the Best Features of the XPOD?

What Are the Best Features of the XPOD?


If you have been considering getting into vaping but are not sure which device to try, you should consider an XPOD As you may be aware, vaping is healthier or, at least, less harmful than smoking since it does not involve the combustion of tobacco which emits toxins including carbon monoxide, tar and other nasty substances. But all vaping devices are not made equal, so you need to get XPODs to experience the best of vaping using a high-tech gadget.

What is an XPOD?

An XPOD is a rechargeable vaping device that comes in a stylish, sleek design, offering ultimate convenience when vaping, allowing you to consistently enjoy a satisfying experience. The device is lightweight and its small size makes it easy to carry around in a purse or a pocket. It is also highly user-friendly, especially for new vapers.

The ePuffer XPOD is based on the unique SNAPS magnetic atomization technology that sets ePuffer apart from other vape manufacturers. It is an award-winning innovation that guarantees users a thrilling experience.

What features make XPOD one of the best vape pods?

When you read through the ePuffer XPOD reviews you will quickly realize and appreciate the masterpiece that the XPOD is. Below are some of the best characteristics of the XPOD that make it a great vaping device worth investing in:

Its fast charging and portability offer great convenience

One of the most significant features of the XPOD is that it offers users great convenience. It is easily portable because it weighs only 23 grams and it is 110 mm long. Besides, the XPOD from ePuffer is rechargeable, taking as little as 45-50 minutes to charge fully, and uses a type- C charging cable, which comes with the kit. Therefore, you can quickly charge and travel with it. You can also easily recharge its battery using power banks, wall sockets, and other devices.

XPOD is easy to refill or use with prefilled cartridges

When you buy the XPOD kit, it comes with 6 prefilled disposable cartridges of various flavours. You can also use it with refillable cartridges if you want to add the e-juice of your choice to enjoy the taste you want. The pre-filled cartridges allow new users to learn how to use the device without any hassles.

It has a long-lasting battery for uninterrupted vaping

Despite the XPOD’s small size, it comes with a powerful battery with a capacity of 375 mAh, which makes it last long, say, a day. It is said that compared to other e-cigarettes’ batteries, the XPOD’s battery lasts longer than many rival products. And the great thing is that it is easy and fast to recharge the battery because it uses a type C charging cable and is included in the kit.

It has a great design and offers a smooth draw

The XPOD has a sleek design that makes it appeal to all, including newbies. It is easy to grip and carry around. Also, the device offers a smooth draw akin to a cigarette allowing users to enjoy every bit of vaping. The throat hit from using the XPOD is just perfect, and even ex-smokers who are switching to vaping get a smooth transition.

If you haven’t tried ePuffer’s XPOD, you’re missing out on so much fun, and you need to get one soon for an enjoyable vaping experience. You will like its stylish design and enjoy the convenience, long-battery life that offers undistracted vaping, and the smooth draw it provides.

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