What Is A Super Swipe On Bumble

What Is A Super Swipe On Bumble
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Bumble is a popular dating app that allows users to swipe left or right on profiles to indicate interest. If two users swipe right on each other, they are matched and can start messaging. Bumble is known for its female-first messaging system, which means that only women can initiate conversations.

One of the premium features on Bumble is SuperSwipe. A SuperSwipe is a way to show someone that you are really interested in them. When you SuperSwipe someone, their profile will be shown to them at the top of their queue, and they will receive a notification that you have SuperSwiped them.

How to SuperSwipe on Bumble

To SuperSwipe someone on Bumble, follow these steps:

Open the Bumble app and go to your swipe queue.

Find the profile of the person you want to SuperSwipe.

Tap the star icon in the bottom right corner of their profile.

A confirmation pop-up will appear. Tap “SuperSwipe” to confirm.

What does it mean when someone SuperSwipes you on Bumble?

When someone SuperSwipes you on Bumble, it means that they are really interested in you. They have gone out of their way to show you that they are interested, even though it costs them a SuperSwipe (which is usually a premium feature).

Should you SuperSwipe on Bumble?

Whether or not you should SuperSwipe on Bumble depends on a few factors. First, you need to make sure that you are really interested in the person you are SuperSwiping. If you are just casually swiping and not really paying attention, then it is probably not worth using a SuperSwipe.

Second, you need to make sure that your profile is in good shape. If your profile is poorly written or has no photos, then using a SuperSwipe is probably not going to help you. People are more likely to SuperSwipe you if they are impressed with your profile.

Finally, you need to consider the cost of SuperSwipes. SuperSwipes are usually a premium feature, so you need to decide if it is worth it to you to spend money on them. If you are really serious about finding a match on Bumble, then SuperSwipes can be a helpful tool. However, if you are just casually using the app, then they may not be worth the cost.


SuperSwipes are a powerful tool that can help you stand out on Bumble. If you are really interested in someone, and you have a good profile, then using a SuperSwipe can be a great way to show them that you are serious. However, it is important to use SuperSwipes wisely and only when you are really interested in someone.