What should be your prep schedule for class 9th?

What should be your prep schedule for class 9th?

Congratulations you have just passed class 8th and you have stepped into class 9th. Now is the time that you buckle up because you cannot take a risk with this pre-board class. You have to be really attentive about everything or you might find yourself overpowered by the toughness of this class. Often it has been said that the pre-board classes are more challenging to pass than that of board class.
Well, this post is not to scare you in any way but to help you prepare in a powerful and effective manner.  If you are in class ninth then don’t worry this post would give you some insights about what should you do and how.

Proper material 

You have to ensure that you take up qualitative and proper CBSE class 9 maths study material you cannot simply start studying anything that comes your way. You have to be specific about what you study and how you do that. In this way you can be sure that you are preparing in a powerful and prolific manner. Once the material you are using for your prep is of good quality, you can make the most of it.

Make a routine

You have to be careful about what you are doing every day. You cannot randomly study one day and the other day waste your time. Once you make up a good schedule or routine for yourself, you would end up with the best outcomes. You can come across more practice, productivity and proficiency.  A good routine would not trouble you in your pre. Your routine would make sure that you do some amount of stringent prep every day. In this way you get the best foot in front for your prep.

Practice the question papers

Not daily but at least three days in a week or two days you can solve a few question papers. When you solve and practice question papers, you get the idea about what type of questions you might be asked in the test or exam. Maybe you are doing your routine practice and prep in the school but that is not really enough. You have to spend some time on question paper practice at home too. The secret here is that the question papers would give you the confidence of solving so many questions. Moreover, you would also end up developing your stamina of preparation too. In this way you would become stronger in your concepts and better equipped with the patterns of the papers. The more you solve the question papers, the better you work on your overall performance. You would get to solve so many different types of questions, come across the proper segments of the tests and the clock would be clicking too when you solve the question papers.


Thus, start working on your cbse 9th class maths study material.  And keep the other things in mind if you want to walk through class ninth in a comfortable, less stressed and productive manner.